Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Style Resolutions

Fashion Resolutions courtesy of ShopBop:

1. Wear more WHITE -- yay!!
2. Trench Coats!
3. Bold Colours
4. Vintage Inspired - of course!
5. Eco-inspired - hmm, we'll see about that. Some of them look too eco-friendly.
6. Open-toed Shoes - those are the only heels I have!
Beauty Resolutions courtesy of Sephora:
1. I will treat my hair right - with the serum M gave me and buying new (quality) shampoo after I finish the cheap, drugstore shampoo we already have, I definitely will! How does Frederic Fekkai sound?
2. I will use SPF everyday - I already do + will definitely keep on wearing it.
3. I will lose weight -- it'd be nice to
4. I will try a new fragrance - I do plan to! I want a scent that defines me.
5. I will wash my face every night - I have been a little lazier the past few weeks - 2 days a week, I just wipe it with my Mario Badescu Toner - it seems to get the dirt away at least.. and some days my skin looks better the next day when I don't thoroughly wash it. I think washing dries on my skin a bit - even though I use sensitive cleansers.
6. I will reorganize my mess - yessssss I should throw out a lot of my old lip glosses and creams that just take up room in my makeup bag.
7. I will be more adventurous - I don't think I can do much for my face, but I will try a little I guess.... I'll start with more dramatic eyes...

I have all the makeup I need... I think. Well I'm missing a liquid foundation/concealer. I would like another type of blush though I've hardly made a dent in my NARS blush. I would like to try some Anna Sui products - especially their blush and mascara.

** I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that there's a Juicy Couture store at the Seattle Premium Outlets!!!!!!!!! Next time I travel down to Alderwood, I'm making a stop there!

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Nat said...

pretty smar campaign by shop bop!
i like that dress u have for eco friendly. .. btw eco friendly clothes are extremely expensive = ='' that's why it hasnt taken off.

yay spring is hopefully just around the corner.. i am sick of winter!! ...okay i know, still got another two months of winter.. *cries* im thinking of flats at the same time im thinking of my NY trip.. ughhh..

HEY wat happened to the D40x fund?? !!!!