Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rock'n Around The City

Ohhh kind of exhausted. Yesterday I had training @ the UBC Bookstore. It was good! I'm gonna enjoy it. Met some new people, got inspired to take up pilates instead of ballet, and realized I do get verrrry sugar high if I drink pop + a latte within 2 hours of each other. Then after I rushed off to Gardenworks to help my cousins Erin (5) and Kyle (2) decorate these little Xmas trees with pipe cleaners, beads, bells, and garland made out of popcorn, licorice, marshmallows, raisins, and candy. I love these little ones! They're so fun and well behaved!
Kyle and my dadThen we went back to their house and added pages to her scrapbook. She really has some of the best scrap book photos I've ever seen! She's gonna love looking back at the pictures when she grows older. Anyway, we popped fresh popcorn and I watched them play cowboy on unicorns and sing. Erin just started learning the piano! She held a mini concert for us in her basement and we set up chairs for the stuffed animals. The actual people had to sit on the ground....
That's Kyle fixing the audience. We sat on the right. The concert was excellent!
And then it was time for bed - I read Erin books for 15 minutes as part of her Kindergarten requirement. Got to read my old Berenstein Bears books!!! I loooved those! Berenstein Bears Go To School, Berenstein Bears Learn Their Manners... and my Little Critter books from 1990 that are still in excellent condition.
Good day... but I'm headachey from the lack of sleep. Got g'rents coming over soon. Gotta take a shower.

DBSK Sarang
Don't they look good -- well Yoochun (centre) isn't looking as good as the others.
Here's a Yoochun pic to make up for it:
59 Seconds: Mock Mandarin Collar Trench Coat with Belt-Tab Half-Sleeves [20% off at $62.40]
This one isn't as nice as the previous trench I loved, but it's still pretty decent.
My mom says "why do you need a trench coat? You don't work at an office. You don't need one" ........... how do trenches + offices relate?
BBon-J: Stripe Crinkled Cardigan [$55]
So cute! I love the gold detail on the pockets and buttons. Love love loveI don't remember the details for this picture, but I just liked the whole outfit.
Chunzane# Gingham shorts - I think it was around $35. I like this picture for the coat though.
Chunzane# and Ribbonne did a great job picking this model - I love how she wears her outfits and her expressions. The green pic above is also her. This coat is Ribbonne: Double Breasted Mandarin Neck Coat [$62]. You can totally tell she took this picture in Hong Kong! Found a coat I'm gonna buy - it's not a coat I need, but it's so different I'm just gonna buy it and hope it looks alright. $50 and it's short and made with down... makes me wonder if there's actual down feathers in it! How can it be that cheap.
I found this site that sells the same things YesStyle sells and for CHEAPER! But the site is all in Korean!
I just want to know how much shipping is to Canada and IF they even ship here (Vancouver, B.C.)... I need to know before the 17th to order YesStyle before my coat is sold out and/or to get my shipment before the 24th! Soo if you can read Korean, please help me =) Thank youuu
OK must get crackin' AAAHHH

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