Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That


Final #1 of 4 (Financial Accounting) is finito! It went.... alright. I think I did pretty well on the multiple choice... and I got most of the questions that involved numbers and calculations, but I probably only got 5 marks out of 30 for the theory questions... ah oh well it's over now. My next one is Kin110 (Nutrition) on Monday. I'm tired... only got 6 hours of zzzzzz

BRR it was really cold out today! I don't know about you, but I don't even want to leave the house during finals.... let alone think of what to put on even if it's as easy as jeans and a top. I feel so unkept.. and my butt has widened and flattened from being sat on for hours at a time. I just want sweat pants! You know, I've only owned 1 pair of sweats in my life and it wasn't the sport ones you get in high school lol - I can't believe I went outside in these sweats! They were tapered at the bottom and they were from some store like Cotton Ginny in Gr. 8 or 9 hahahaha! I think I remember they were only $15. I still have them - use them as PJ pants. But what was I thinking????? lollll The butt area is so big even my big butt can't fill it out. Anyway, I think I need sweatpants -- ones that I can wear outside -- just 'cause they're sooo comfortable. I tried on B's TNA sweatpants [$60] (B, have you worn them out yet??). SO COMFY and the absolute perfect length for me. Kind of weird that TNA sweats are actually bigger than they should sized... like their S fits like a M.
Victoria's Secret: The Skinny Washed-n-worn sweats
I like the sweatpants and hoodie, but all of Victoria's Secret lounge clothes say "PINK" on it..... They ruined it.
New stuff from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line on Karmaloop:
The 2 Tone Fatal Track Pant [$66]
Ah I remember the days when track pants were the the only pants I had and would wear haha... they weren't even this type - they were the ones that went swoosh swoosh when I walked.
Anyway, I thought this type was nice to look at, but not a pant I'd wear. The inside of the leg says "A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness". I love what it says and the font, but why there? It's different, I'll give it that... but it's a bit odd.
The Pop Mini Purse in Funnies [$26]This is cute - looks more like a cosmetics bag than purse.
The Pop Mini Purse in Love/Hate [$34] -- interestingly more expensive than the previous Pop Mini Purse. Maybe b/c of the metallics? This is the same pattern as the waistbag I got xept mine is black and gold.

The Pop Mini Purse in Pin Up Girls [$28] I think I like this...
The Links Watch [$75]
I quite like this watch! I was half expecting one of those Harajuku girls' face to be on the plate, but they've decided to keep it more neutral and timeless.
I had to add in a t-shirt. This one is called The Paris Love T-shirt [$44]. I honestly don't wear enough tee's to buy it, but it's cute. Reminds me of DBSK's Bonjour! Paris hehe [AUUUX CHAMPS ELYSEEES]

Ok this is gonna turn out to be another one of my looong random posts. Well, the theme is fashion, but the styles are all different.

B and I tried looking for the classic Adidas Zip Up jacket for cheap in HK, but failed to find any.
Here's a couple on Karmaloop:
The PB Soft Feel Track Jacket [$78] This one isn't in the material we wanted, but it's still nice.
Check out the neck!
This is the
Adidas Firebird Track Jacket silhouette we want:
In plum [$58]
OHH found it! Firebird Track Jacket in Navy! [$58]
Looks diff on diff ppl - Sort of makes this girl look wider than she is.
I'm also looking for Adidas capris for running outside in when the weather is transitioning.
Something like this:
Adidas Originals SBC Capri (Black/Gold) [$50.95] on
This pic is from The Sartorialist. Kids can wear anything! If it were my kid, though, I'd get her to wear the hat with the rim in the front and/or change her hat to a floppy knitted beret - but keep the same colour. Looks like she's wearing some pink dress underneath - I'd give her pink/red gloves. Kids can be matchy matchy haha. This kid looks great.
What happens when you combine AA's racer back dress with sequins?
A racerback sequin dress! [$420]
Tadaaa -- a little too clingy? Maybe, but HOT!
Funnel Neck Wool Jersey Dress [$240] oo I think funnel necks look great. They're so flattering for ppl who have narrow shoulders and want the illusion of a long, slim neck. Love this dress. Intermix describes it as being a mix of Jackie O. and Andy Warhol haha
Charmeuse/Metallic Draped Dress [$395]
I just like the straps on this dress. I think they could have done something to the middle to make it nicer.
Alice and Wonderland key and lock pendant necklace [$30] This is so unique - I've never seen anything like it! It seems like the 2 charms on the side of the pendant is very "in" right now for handmade jewelry.

Nap time,



This is going to be relatively long so I'm commenting instead...HAHA

Well from what I can remember they sang everything live at the was only an hour and 50 minutes so yea...people were saying they lipsynced but i'm pretty sure they didnt cause as the concert went on some ppl's vocals progressively got worse...not bad, just they weren't singing as loud and as on point as the first half type of thing...yea

OMGOSH HARAJUKUUUUUUUU I still want something..why are their t-shirts so expensive..
at plenty i saw this hoodie that was nice BUT its like 110$ >.< maybe after I get a job

OHH I have worn those TNA sweat pants out...
you want the black pair??
I realized it's actually quite big for me too..
the navy in xs fit better..
so if you want them you can have them

DID you really wear those grey sweats out??oO Did I read that properly??

I doubt you got 5/30 on theory =P

OH yes still want an adidas jacket..
im actually liking the gold stripes..
navy or that dark purple colour with the gold would be wonderful..
i really like the black one BUT so many ppl have it already...geeeesh

THE concert was released today!
hopefully they will be shipping it to m e soon =D

I like the charmeuse metallic draped dress...well the straps and the neckline..its neat

i think yesstyle said if you order stuff by the 10th they will have it shipped here by the 24th..LOL
but i havent found anything i absolutely wanna get..PLUS you need to spend 150+ to get free yea

gottta go out and look for a job...
ive been so lazy..but i did fix up my resume yesterday so its ready to go....
nowwww where to loook >.<

Nat said...

aiiiiii..... designer jeans i understand, but designer sweatpants?!?!? -___________-'' too much.

btw, i saw something on american apparel site too that i loved! cheap.. dress only like 15$.. sniffle. no sizes left tho :(

Nat said...

i wonder if small fits.. seems like medium would be better for me tho..

Anonymous said...

i think the Harajuku Lovers is the cutest !

Anonymous said...

i think the Harajuku Lovers is the cutest !