Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I've Found A New Love

I actually kept my word and stayed at the library from 10AM to 8:30PM! Whoooa - I like it there. I think I'll spend a lot more time there next semester. It'll be my other home.

Why is it that I always look forward to the next semester during final time? I don't want to study for finals... even though I do like studying actually - I just don't like knowing that I have to take an exam to prove how well I studied. But anyway, right now I just feel like starting the next semester (even if that means no Xmas) and getting my readings for English and Geography and going to the library to read them haha I'm really looking forward to that -- so weird (isanghae, remember?). No finals....

Anyway I just wanted to post something quick 'n easy.... to know today existed.
These pics are just some DBSK ones floating around on Soompi. They just happen to be wearing black and white:
Junsu (So serious... wheyo??)
Yoochun and Junsu on BigEast Station ep 33:
Junsu to Yoochun: Do you like me or your brother?

Yoochun: ............

Yoochun to Junsu: Do you like me or giraffes?

Junsu: (without hesitation) I think I like giraffes more.

Yoochun (face looks a bit different)
Another Yoochun pic - you guys don't know HOW long it took me to think he was even remotely good looking haha - I think it was a little over a year!
Jaejoong (don't really like what he's wearing though..)
Changmin (Yay for his haircut!)
All five.. haha a bit unnatural with those yellow baskets.Talk, play, love... after tomorrow's final,

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