Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Warning: Picture Overload

Some scans of Bonjour Paris were released yesterday. Part of the $150 worth of amazing photos. Sigh. They haven't come out with many HQ photos yet though:

Today's ADORATIONSYesStyle: Love love love this coat by PEGGY (South Korea): 3/4 Sleeve Fluffy Coat with Wide Belt [$75]
WhoWhatWearDaily just did a blog on Gossip Girl: "What She Was Wearing". Is it me or don't you think all the members of Dan and Jenny's family are pretty darn good looking? I mean, compared to the other families. Nate's family just looks funny.
The next few pictures are from The Sartorialist - I've collected quite a few of his photos that have concepts and elements I'd like to incorporate into my wardrobe. Most of these were from the spring, summer, and early fall. Another thing I like about his pictures is how effortless (and confident) the girls look.

A simple jumper. Such an easy piece to wear and casual chic. She looks abs. terrific.I wanted to strip this next girl from her clothes and run away with it (well, I'd generously give her back her fake LV). Her outfit looks so put together! Vest under long cardi? Nice.This lady has the perfect pair of legs for me. It's fiduddling how Sart manages to take some of these photos. I wouldn't have given that light coat a 2nd look on the rack but it looks good on her.
Sart has influenced me to think girls on these types of bikes have this special aura about them. That's cool.
I think she's some high-profile editor - this was taken last year or even a couple years ago. I thought the little ribbon waist tie was a nice touch. I also think I like the pattern. I think b/c I can't really see it, but it looks good.
Great dress! Come on it looks like she threw it on and walked out the door. Love it. Only thing is that I don't really like where that bottom burst is located haha
Can't really tell you why I like this next photo. Something about it.Some 90's grunge a la dancer? This one was taken about a week ago. Booo NY - they still have warm weather! I'm jealous. Love the cardi-wrap + colour!
Many ppl ooooed and aaaahed over this outfit. I thought the skirt was a little too plain and short for this lady, but I did very much love the plaid button-up and prep school blazer combo -- especially the blazer with the crest. I want one.
Junsu wears one in Bonjour! Paris: This lady's style is breathtaking. Sart has taken many many many pics of her in the past (in Italy). She's one crazy thin old Italian fashion editor or something. Her coat! Wow.(Hmm common themes here? Solid, neutral/classic colours, minimal pattern, dresses, flow, heels)
It's so true. NY is such a great place when it comes to fashion. I've also noticed Parisians are very very well dressed too - as are Italian men. People really don't care what they look like and wear whatever they want it seems.. and they just happen to look so good. Vancouverites think a little too much when it comes to fashion and aren't as carefree as NYers. We should all stop caring so much. I admit I think I care. Hmm new year's resolution to not care? Yea. Good idea - let's all follow Bern's motto: Love it, Wear it, Rock it... [my add-on: as long as it's somewhat stylish.. but who's to say what's stylish or not?] Hmm could be a bad idea for some ppl though... maybe us Vancouverites are just trained improperly when it comes to style. Style is so hard to pinpoint -- so many diff. definitions. It's the way someone carries themselves... but that's usually as a result of the way they were brought up to be/dress. You know what - just wear what you wear with confidence (no midriff please) - got that? Okay! Onwards!

I need more jeans. I only have skinnies. Skinnies don't go with the shoes I have 'cause I got duck feet. Maybe I need more shoes. Yea I do, I need boots, but I need more jeans too.
Anyway, LOVE how these jeans look on the lady in black. It's an actual boot cut style. She looks short and petite and has a great proportion to her. It will look quite different on me.
Just looked out the window - snow on the ground! **********
Now I really really really need boots. Yay and darn.

Neat-o! It's fun to know that people from around the world have visited your blog - even if it was for a split second, by accident, or by randomly clicking next blog>> on blogspot.
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Nat said...

who says it's still warm in NY - the woman behind her looks pretty bundled up!! ahh the sacrifices of fashion.

horribly procrastinating at the moment.. i know, 330..still idea wats wrong w/ me.

i wear shoes w/ my small flare jeans/'s acceptable lol. def at my school. so awesome.

blazer w/ crest ........ go to private school... too bad your mom didnt go to private school. my parents did.. i wonder if they still have their uniforms.

that jumper (first pic) does look nice. are those the short and shirt in one things??i always thot they were kind funny looking (on the hanger) never tried it on.

and yes, nice yesstyle jacket. lovely fashionable, though not sure how practical coz of the short sleeves.......................... would HAVE to wear something thick enough to withstand winter cold!

AND WHAT??SNOW?? no way. im so tired.........

N said...

haha apparently it's that sort of weather you can wear anything and be comfortable.

Yea you can wear those shoes w/ your pants 'cause you don't have duck feet like me!

and lol - If only I kept my OLS sweater.. and if it fit, it'd be so cute!! You should check! Though your mom's wouldn't fit me... and you dad said he was super skinny then right

Yep - jumper means they're all attached, I believe.
I can imagine you wearing it! I want.

haha yes - well that YesStyle piece is nice to transition from fall to winter - just wear more underneath when it gets colder :D