Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just Frost

Junsu and Boa

My hair is making me look like a hobo.

When I went down to the States a few Fridays ago w/ Nad, I was so amazed at how soft the fake fur coats were! They’re so ridiculous but I just felt I HAD to try one on. I felt like I was going to some Hollywood event in 1960! Anyway, I went to the changing rooms to check myself out and this girl did a double take haha it was funny… I just couldn’t help but pet it…

A couple good deals I want to take advantage of:

* Nad introduced me to - some discounts for Visa-users. The one I like the most is for : Buy over $39CDN worth and get $10 off AND free shipping. Coupon HERE. It's just too bad only has books/videos/dvds... not as good as

* is also providing free shipping for all orders until December 12th (it'll arrive before Xmas if you do). You can also check out the store on 103-1120 HAMILTON STREET,Vancouver.

Snow already! No chotto matte kudasai (wait a little please!)!! Let me get boots first.

"In Korea, the first snow of the year is a romantic event. If you're a couple and you happen to be meeting together at just that moment, it's the sort of thing that might require a kiss, or if apart, at least a phone call or text message."

I found this site called Schtickers where you can buy laptop skins/stickers that are easy to apply and remove for around $20. They claim that it's an instant makeover for your laptop. My laptop cover is pretty scratched up and there's this mug stain on it (no idea how that got there). They have a pretty good collection but you can also design your own.
Here's a few examples:

Van Gogh's Almond Blossom
Banksy - There Is Always Hope
I do realize my blogs are probably hard to follow. I have no flow and they're usually full of random things that aren't remotely related.
Bienay (sorry).

I just found the "preview" button that let's me preview my blog before I publish it. haha it was there all along.

Got my Visa statement today. YesStyle still hasn't charged me for the items M and I bought... hmm.. maybe they forgot? It's been over a month since I've gotten it and B's items showed up on my last statement. It'd be nice if it was like the AE dress I bought from the States... they only charged me $5 for the dress and duty =|

Next semester I'm gonna be working - most probably at the UBC bookstore as cashier and once in a while @ my Auntie Liz's office doing basic secretarial work.

You know, there are so many pretty girls out there and at first glance, I feel in awe - lucky them! But once you discover their horrible personality (that unfortunately so many of them have), the awe of turns into sorry. I feel sorry that their looks are wasted with such a personality. It's really too bad.

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Nat said...

surface collective ( ) which does wall decals will be doing those laptop skins soon too. which are a ton nicer :P but.. a ton more expensive too =(

i just bought 2 cds today - little miss sunshine and across the universe deluxe 2cd... 35 total.. not bad.. got it from music world, they're going out of business so.. had like.. 20% off. not bad.. impulse buy.. i could've waited and got it from amazon (i'll have to check see if it IS cheaper..) but i needed the LMS for my project..and meh.. impatient :P