Sunday, November 25, 2007

Te te-te te-te Tell Me

Today, or should I say "yesterday", was an eventful day compared to the school-homework-study routine I've been on. I got M to go on a light jog around Clinton park again w/ D's dogs in the morning. I got Gigi, the energetic Yorkie, and M got bigger and slower Hershey (the dai bao). This time we didn't do as much jogging as we did the 1st time. After showering, D and I headed out to Central library to study and finally found a pretty good spot together - it was quite crowded.. almost all international post-secondary students. I got quite a bit done. [Note to self: next time, suffer the shoulder pain and bring the laptop... those computers are so disgusting.] We were kicked out of the library at 6... forgot they closed so early on Saturdays. Then D and I browsed around PC -- Sport Chek + Holt Renfrew for a bit (while I could be doing some productive studying), waiting for M and B to come downtown so we could go eat Kfood --- met them @ the restaurant: Dae Bak Bon Ga on Robson next to Fogg 'N' Suds on the upper level. We've been there before and really enjoyed their BBQ. It was pretty happening compared to the last time we were there (at a weird lunch-dinner time). Unfortunately, that sort of affected their service (we had to ask for water/tea a few times...), but the food was still quite oishii. Not the cheapest place for Kfood. The bill came out to be around $15/person including tax and tip. We ordered BBQ Combo B ($35) and their seafood pancake ($15). The ajumma (Korean older lady) who we think owns the restaurant looks pretty amazing for her age. She's so thin and dresses so well and her hair and makeup looks perfect. We recognize her from last time - she was very nice too. Saw a ton of Koreans today at the library, downtown, and at the library. Gosh some of them dress SO well.... I'm so jealous of all their coats and boots! I want that Korean Coat darnit!

One thing about eating Korean BBQ is that all your clothes smell like it afterwards.

Theeen, M, B, and I went back to my house and made the night a little more Korean by watching clips and starting to learn the "Tell Me" dance by this new, young, Korean girl group, Wonder Girls. The song is catchy but the singers are quite bad (don't even get me started on the music video...... I'm gonna rate it mozzarella 'cause it's the cheesiest... and so was that rating haha). Apparently this song is super popular in Korea and many of them are trying to learn the dance. I'd post a clip of Wonder Girls dancing to it, but they're really awful and there are others out there who dance their dance better than they do... like these girls we've been trying to copy:
haha anyway it may look pretty simple, but it's really fast and I'm having the toughest time with it right now! I think this is the first time I've attempted to dance to such a arm-leg coordinated dance. B is writing down all the actions and I'm trying to follow. M had a ball watching my rigid self hahaha!! Let's just say I need a LOT of practice. It's fun learning it and is actually good exercise!
P.S. Bern, we need to take another fur shot - it didn't really turn out.

Hmm Friday... I spent the whole day at school, working on my Badger (GIS) project. GRR. I'll try my best to do as much as I can before it's due, but I can't guarantee it'll totally be complete. Worth 20%. I'll just study really hard for the final. Easier said than done? Maybe... it's my last one and I have Jap the day before!

Winter Plans on the top of my head at 2AM as of Nov 25th:
My last final is on Dec 13th.
- HUGE sleepover @ Nad's for a few days where we will pig out haha
- Xmas shopping!! + Xmas gifts
- Help M bake
- Do more baking
- Work on my Asia Photobook
- Learn this piano piece + Duets w/ M
- Practice and learn the Tell Me dance... or Balloons dance.
- Xmas dinners galore
- Bright Nights
- That glammy Xmas tree decoration thingy
- Hang out with friends!!
- Maybe an Xmas craft show of some sort
- Family dinners
- Get ahead in Jap!
- Start reading some English... lol
- Ski+snowboard a few times (get own equipment??)
- M Flo + JJlin concert day w/ B
- Bonjour! Paris day
- Exercise
- Haircut
- Research Exchange to Japan/Korea
- Start working
- Do something with my room????

Whenever I need an instant smile, I play this short 2 min clip of Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong singing their own made up song while in Paris. I just found this one with English Subs... had no idea they said "France", "Paris" and "Eiffel Tower" until I saw it in the subs! haha
They're fun. I like.

Next week is gonna be stressful with my Jap Oral on Tues and that GIS project.......................
Might have to go to school later today, Monday, Wed morning, stay @ school after classes on Thursday, and all of Friday. I'm really hoping I can finish it by Wed and start writing those 5 pages! I have to catch up in a couple classes too... yea I think I might just live at school next week. Might not blog as frequently until after exams.

I hope you're all slathering your lips with some sort of vaseline before you sleep, wearing a min. of SPF 15 sunscreen + moisturizer before you go out even if it's cloudy, and drinking a lot of water!! This weather can be brutal!

Xmas decorations are coming out next week! Will it be tasteful this year? We will see.

"Sleep well",

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Lena ;) said...

i agree, after eating korean bbq, (actually any korean food for me) the scent always lingers on my clothes for days..!

and yES raymond rabbids is sooo fun!! it's quite a work out though on some games haha