Friday, November 23, 2007

A LOL Moment

Oh my goodness.
So embarassingly funny!
I was phoning UBC bookstore to get a hold of the guy who hires cashiers and my aunt gave me the main operator line so I had to ask to be directed to him. His name was Carrie, and I knew his last name started with a B... and for some reason, I thought his last name was Bradshaw. I was like "hm. Yea that name sounds familiar.."

Operator: Hello UBC Bookstore, how many I help you.
Me: Hi, can you patch me to Carrie please?
Operator: Who?
Me: Carrie.... I think his last name is Bradshaw.
Operator: I don't know of anyone named Carrie Bradshaw here...
Me: Oh. Hmm I think that's his last name. Up in the office?
Operator: No...
Me: He replaced Sandra a while ago.
Operator: OH Carrie Boltsby (or something like that). Ok I'll patch you through. I think Carrie Bradshaw is one of the characters in Sex In The City.
Me: HAHA Ooooo how embarassing!

Anyway he was out to lunch, but hah!
Ok I'm off to school now... boooo

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