Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tick Tock

lolll so I didn't end up going up to school. This time it was out of laziness. I stayed home and worked on a few chapters of Accounting instead... 'cause it's my 1st final (6th). Hmm I'm all caught up in that class textbook-wise and did well on the online assignments but I don't feel like I know the material at all. Guess I gotta actually study now.

I just came back from The Keg -- family went there for my dad's bday (wouldn't usually choose this place.. had a gift card). Being 50 doesn't faze my dad - he's still young at heart and looks younger so I guess it's really just a number! Happy 50th Birthday Daddy!! Love ya
Anyway, you know I can't go to these types of restaurants without some sort of review so here it is:
This location just opened up 3 months ago so everything looked really new. Dimly light and warm atmosphere. It was yum 'cause we got to pick whatever we wanted from the menu. My family picked 3 entrees and 3 appies (I chose it: escargot, ahi tuna, and bacon wrapped scallops) and I got my Italian Pear cocktail yay They really like beans and mushrooms there... steak was great as expected. Portion sizes were pretty good. 3 of us got large Caesar Salads in the beginning, then our appies came (which were very appetizer-like portion-wise... but I had a little bit of each so I was pretty full by the time my parents & brother got their entrees). Service was pretty good. Waiter was friendly and outgoing, but seemed fake... like he has said the same jokes/lines all day.

30% off Guess
GUESS? is re-opening in Richmond Centre soon. It's going to be the largest Guess? mall location in Canada at 7,000sq feet! There's a "party" (well, it's not really a party I don't think.. more like a family and friends event) on December 1st and 2nd (Sat and Sun) from 9:30AM to 9:00PM. All you gotta do is, when you pay, mention the Facebook Invitation and you'll receive an exclusive 30% off your purchase!
I'm looking to see if I desperately want anything from there, but no. In the store, I like a few pieces once in a while, but not enough to buy it with my own money... so I think - what if I got a shopping spree - then it's fun to look through the website haha I don't really enjoy looking at it though. Who really has the models' silhouette? I don't even think most of the clothes look good on their models. Maybe that's why I like the store better - easier to think of how it'd look on me or other regular people.
As for their handbags and wallets, I don't really like their cut out G logo so that eliminates a lot of the ones I'd choose. I do like their Guess stamped metal plates though. Ok I really don't see anything I like on their site that's in season haha I'd probably just get a pair of jeans and/or plain black pants. I need black work pants... everyone does. I don't like them.

I wanna be a ballerina.
Yesterday I decided that I want to take ballet lessons (and no, B, it wasn't from those scarily amazing ballerinas on Star King haha.. if anything, they've sort of turned off ballet for me). I've always loved how tall, flexible, and elegant they look so this is my attempt to become graceful and improve my flexibility and posture...... and to own a pair of those ballet flats :D haha
Okaaaayy. I'll admit - the real reason is because I'm "insanely jealous of these precious little darlings":
(from PINK is the new Blog)
If you can't beat them, join 'em!
Anyway, I can just imagine my clumsy self knocking down a whole line of ballerina wannabes...
Anyone who's anyone is welcome to join me! Doesn't have to be for my reasons, of course, but I totally understand why if you do ;)

Hmmmm I've got a 7 hour cashier training session for the UBC Bookstore on December 7th..... smack in the middle of my finals. And that night, I'm babysitting my cousins, Erin and Kyle. Priorities a bit mixed up? Maybe. Well, my next final is on the 10th.

Spring 2008 plans:
- School (3 or 4 classes)
- Driving lessons - get N before I leave for Japan and Korea
- Ballet Lessons (workshop) once a week?
- Bikram's Yoga once or twice a month
- WORK galore (2-3 days/week) to save up for the trips

OK back to studying.
You too!

P.S. Is Gossip Girl affected by the Hollwood writer's strike too??? The site hasn't updated their episode for 2 weeks now! I think I might need to find a new site...

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