Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Mini Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

I've been seeing a lot of holiday gift ideas for people who are stuck on what to get others. I think it can be hard - you think you know a person so well but you can't find the perfect Xmas gift. I'd say it's easy to buy for the typical girlie girl, but even they have preferences.
Some ideas I've seen floating around... for the person that really has everything they want (clothes, mp3, accessories... etc).
I wouldn't suggest these if someone asked me what I wanted, but I definitely wouldn't mind receiving :D
For the girlie girl:
MAC 5 piece Basic Brush set [$159CDN]
GAP - High Collar Coat in Cinnibar Red [$128]
Kate Spade "Jane Street Passport Ticket Holder" [$65USD]
(This is an absolutely perfect idea if you're surprising her with a trip!)Anthropologie Leather Weekender [$288]
(I love Weekender bags! I have 3 :D)
Necklace Stand [$32] @ Urban Outfitters
Earring Stand [$14] @ Urban Outfitters
Chirp Bracelet Stand [$18] @ Urban Outfitters
A soft pashmina [$20 @ Urban Outfitters]... or $5 in New York
PLATINUM BY CONAIR® 1" Solid Ceramic Flat Iron [$60] @ Walmart
Other Ideas:
Black leather gloves [$30] @ Costco
A really good blow dryer (with airflow concentrator)

Something handmade (eg. photo album)
Makeup case (classic black... from MAC)

Some things you shouldn't buy 'cause she really needs to try them on:
- Sunglasses unless she specifically mentions a pair
- Shoes (unless ditto)
- Hats
- Most clothes in general... (esp. jeans) unless she has a favourite store she buys all her clothes from.
- Most types of make up

........ to be continued

I'm becoming a big fan of big rings. Not diamonds or wedding-type ones, but ones w/ big stones/gems -- especially in black. The one on the left is from Forever 21 [$3.80]. I like it 'cause it looks like something a typical grandma would hand down to her granddaughter (who would hate it initially but grow to love it as she got older). I also like the ones with the vintage-y style rims. The one on the right isn't sold anymore, but it's a purple cameo ring also from Forever 21. I quite like cameo-style jewelry. haha OK - in short, I like large, un-blinged grandma-type rings.

A few things that caught my eye on Forever 21 (gosh it sounds like I'm so in love with this store, doesn't it?)
Slouchy Cardigan [$30]
Cable Knit Sweater [$34]
J Park Cardigan [$32]
Grandmaaaaaaa - wish it had a different collar
V Neck Sweatervest [$14.50]
I'm a little iffy on this - I like it and I like how I've seen it on other people when it's layered a certain way, but I don't know about it on me.

Fish Book Ends
I saw this a little more than a year ago on Cool Gifts of the Day @ and again on my Style Feeder. Thought it was neat.
I'm not really much of a fish person. My grandpa bought me and my cousin a Siamese Fighting fish for Christmas one year - I think I was 12. I felt so bad for it 'cause I didn't get a proper tank for it haha - it stayed in this small plastic container on my bookshelf in my room. Yea it died a few weeks later. I don't know if it's because of the location I kept it in, or if my little cousin overfed it. My cousin's fish lived for quite a while but he had a glass tank and the fish had company. Hmm come to think of it, I don't even remember what I named it! I name everything.

Did not get much done today yet. Thanks, M haha ;)
Back to work,

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