Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Clock Is Ticking

One of my favourite pics from Bonjour! Paris.

I went to my GIS class today - it was finally interesting! We talked about our privacy (or prihvacy as my British prof says) and how it's taken away from us when we sign up for things such as the Safeway Card... and how the store then has your personal information and can track you down. You give away your privacy for discounts. Apparently some people have received e-mails from AE in the past saying "we've noticed you haven't dropped by the store since __(insert date here)___. Here are a few sales.." whoa. And how the CIA has all our information. Apparently they're in the process of making some system that can identify people by the way they walk b/c apparently, each walk is as distinctive as a fingerprint! Butchea - it all depends on how much you value your privacy. Scary. In a few years, you'll be able to zoom in really closely to see what people wear on the streets from Google Earth! Xept that info is from about a year before -- they'll need another few more years to make it more up-to-date. Cool eh?
Then I photocopied my Jap flyer and skytrained out to Surrey Central to practice for my Jap oral... ended up going to White Spot soon after instead. Orals started at 4:50 I think. Mine was at 6:40! It was a 1 on 1. Oh well I sort of practiced and the ones that went before came back from their oral and told us what they were asked. A'course my sensei is smart and had 6 different sets of questions (20 each) so the exact questions wouldn't get passed around. I was lucky to get the ones that the previous people shared so I had a general idea. I did alright. 80%. Wasn't as nervous as I was going into it. Yay it's over! You don't know how worried I was last week about it. I finally got to sit down and study it for 2 days over the weekend. Hope to do alright on the final... not really gonna study for it. Really need to concentrate on other classes now...
I don't remember what I planned to do after I got home from Jap, but M picked me up and stayed for a while. We watched her piano pieces and this guy play this Scherzo? on a concert grand! Wow.
I have a lot of favourites when it comes to DBSK. Favourite songs, fav personalities... etc.
Here's one of my favourite old school Junsu solos. The song is Chae Nhum, originally sang by Big Mama... never heard the original though. haha don't mind the hair.
Se7en also sings the same song HERE -- a bit of a different feel - I didn't know he could go that high! haha

Here's a super recent Junsu solo (a day old?) at the Any Band concert. Sorry for the Korean fangirls yelling his name... how distractive.
Can you see why he's sarang?

I think I have some sort of rheumatism in my forearms... time for bed. I'm going to school to work on my Badger GIS project... or try to.. for 5 hours.
Oh my mom bought me a mattress heater! My parents have one for their bed... and I'd crawl in sometimes when I was cold. It heats my whole bed so it's all warm before I hop into bed. No more cold feet! Yay


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