Monday, October 22, 2007

Standing: 12calories/10 min

Isn't Fall gorgeous? I took this picture on my cellphone. I'm so happy the colour turned out the way it did. If I didn't change the functions, it would look like THIS.

So yesterday, I was catching up on my weekly dose of Japanese Street Fashion and again noticed how amazingly girlie so many Japanese guys can look! And then I came to an epiphany.. if you can call it that. Don’t you find it so unfair (from a guy’s point of view) that girls can wear basically everything guys can wear and more? Especially how menswear is so trendy, girls can wear suits, ties, and button-up dress shirts just like a guy does (and it's totally socially acceptable)… AND they can choose to wear skirts, dresses, BAGS and jewelry! Girls (lucky us) just have so many more options to choose from. I think that guys (more specifically Asian guys) realize this and want to show us that it can work the other way around too… without looking like someone who does drag loll

The guy on the right Here’s the guy that made me think of this.. he was found walking in the Harajuku District. I swear.. if he was wearing a more fitted white shirt, he could totally pass for a girl... and even now...

GGs definitely take getting used to. I remember when I was first introduced to DBSK, I was shocked at how girlie they looked. Now, I hardly notice... I'm trying to find a picture of them to show you but they all appear so masculine to me. Well the picture on the left is Micky Yoochun when he had longer hair - I guess it looks a little girlie. I guess there aren't very many Koreans that look girlie b/c they seem to like masculine guys (as Dong says anyway). Japanese guys, on the other hand, are definitely a lot more feminine! Take Kame (from the Japanese band KAT-TUN), for instance (right). This guy even shapes his own eyebrows and says he can shape yours too! I don't know how I feel about that...

Oooo I picked a good day to come to work (I'm at work right now). It's one of the secretary's birthday today so we got her a giant cheesecake from the CactusClub which came with individual containers of fresh strawberries and real whipped cream for each slice... and strawberry compote and extra whipped cream tubs on the side. Not bad!
I just found out from LookBook (Fashion Blog) that Forever 21 has a Canadian site and if you order $50+, you get 20% off your whole order. If you order $75+, you get free standard shipping! Unfortunately, they don't have the whole Forever21 collection... if they had their Heritage collection, it'd really consider buying. (Jamie confirmed that you can use both 20% off AND the free S&H!)

Btw, if any of you plan to buy from in the future, let me know! I'll definitely try to help you purchase over $200 for some fabulous free shipping.

I've said it before, but I still think Suri Holmes-Cruise is seriously the cutest (not to mention most well-dressed) celebrity-baby I've ever seen. She's precious. I don't think they can get cuter than her!
I adore her red pea coat! Kids have the nicest clothes... Her mom is looking fantastic too... and her dad is packing on some pounds.

My dad told me that I'm stressful to work for....

I'm going home in a few minutes, so I have to pack up,
(Horribly-spaced post...)


Nat said...

yeah! i saw suri's pic on a mag .. soo cute!!!! wow..

okay, i duno how.. but i have a blogger display name now? i duno how that happened. confusing!!!

girlie guys.. dbsk +the rest still look very girly to me! :P well, not all the time, i have seen enough pics to distinguish.. but wow that guy with the pink shawl.. def thot was a girl. amazing! definitely not the look here. fashion is outrageously different across the world!

N said...

Suri is so perfect I just want to steal her lol
Fashion is always so interesting. The Sartorialist (the blog I read) who only seems to take pics of ppl who have a european/western style, is in HK and Beijing right now. I think he's gonna be a bit shocked by some of the fashions there. I'm curious what pictures he's going to take!


I have never heard you mention suri before....
LOL this is the first time I must say.
Oh yea when I was hopping around the japanese street style site I was like DUDE regular japanese guys either dress really really really out there or quite girly....but i guess they like that...
LOL I have come to the conclusion that girls are just WAY better off in general...when it comes to clothes...well anything...HAHA I still think I would rather be a girl