Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Leaves are Turning Yellow Already

This morning, while I was washing the dishes I should have done yesterday, my mom calls me from the computer room where she was checking her e-mail.



“Come! Hurry! Take a look at this!”

I wasn't very anxious to get over there because when she usually tells me to come, she just shows me uninteresting things like an e-card she received or some game her friend sent her that she can't figure out. So I take off my dish washing gloves and walk over and see a short video clip loading. There was this bird sitting on top of a chair.

“He loves the Backstreet Boys.”


haha! Isn’t that funny? A head-banging bird... he has good beat. Good exercise too!

My mom is going to Edmonton for the next a couple of days for a conference. I was thinking of what she could bring back for me…. But after 10 minutes, I still couldn’t think of anything... 'cause there's really nothing in Edmonton.

I feel a little guilty b/c I hardly did any substantial schoolwork today. I basically cleaned/organized myself and somewhat purged my closet of clothes I just don't want anymore.. (and watched a couple hours of TV). I told myself to get rid of things I've been keeping unworn for over 2 years... and I put away my summer clothes. I sort of feel like I'm starting my winter wardrobe from scratch this year because I can't seem to find any of my winter clothes from last year! How expensive.

Oh and my banner... the font is all unclear. I need to install Photoshop on this laptop haha.. MSpaint can only do so much!

Real Estate is HOT HOT HOT

I watched a lot of upscale home renovation shows today and it made me consider becoming a house flipper for a good five hours or so. It's definitely hard work but it's fun at the same time. What's a house flipper? It's someone who buys a house (usually old and very out of date) and basically does a total renovation by gutting it.. knocking down walls.. and building the entire cavity of the house over again. It can be extremely risky, especially if you're dealing with million-dollar estates but it can also be very satisfying! AND if you sell, you can earn a HUGE profit/commission. There's quite a few shows about house flipping these days. There are these two... (British/Scottish)? designers who did a project by investing in around 6 houses and flipping each of them, seeing how much they could get from each house and for the most part, they profited a LOT. While I was flipping channels during commercials, I kept switching whenever I saw ACTUAL renovations.. like the dirty work haha - my dad and I both agreed that even though that's part of being a house flipper, I wouldn't be doing that sort of work. I'd be the one pointing, telling people what to do. I think I can be good at that stuff... especially when I know exactly what has to be done. I want to be a wedding planner.. or some event organizer.......

OK so today, I'm adoring
Anthropologie's "for the HOME" collection.

Anthropologie is actually under the same chain as Urban Outfitters and similarly sells both clothes and furnishings. However Anthropologie is "designed to appeal to 30- to 40-something affluent professional women with total family annual income above $200,000USD"... sooo not me haha. They definitely don't sell things for cheap! I just learned on Wiki that Anthropologie doesn't advertise at all so their customers stay longer in the stores (averaging 1.25 hours)! They also avoid malls, preferring stand-alone stores. Interesting concept. I went into an Anthropologie in New York. It's an amazing store - definitely not mainstream. They really pay attention to detail and the whole store was decorated so uniquely. Anyway, since the clothes really aren't for my age (even though I did buy a shirt there), I'm going to concentrate on their gorgeous, overpriced furniture.

I love this armoire - it's so pretty!
It's made out of wood and the design is carved
and lined with linen.

The chair on the right looks so similar to the one I always see in this house when I'm taking the bus over to UBC. I fell in love with that room... and that's why I love this chair. It makes me feel as if someone should serve me champagne and a platter of cheese and grapes when I lounge on that chair.

This chair (left) has a bit of a vintage flare to it. I like the overall shape and detail of it.

Anthropologie has a few pieces from flea markets that they re-upholster and sell for ridiculous prices. I believe this is one of them.

Again, it's a neat store and if you ever have a chance to go in, do!

LOL Vera Wang has her own Serta Mattress line... does look luxurious!

Anyway, I'm off to finish the dishes.....

Sleep well,




WOO WOO WOO last angel pv is OUT!!!
and its hottt LOL

and i put a preview of a song the band sang last night! they were pretty good..went karaoking with them afterwards...they are fun people!

Rebecca said...

hey! pretty neat blog :) my suggestion would be to archive maybe every 5 entries because the pictures took a long time to load.. but wow, very loaded with things I don't know a lot about haha.

N said...

haha HEY Becky! Thanks for dropping by -- consider your suggestion done!
Hope you learn something here then =D