Friday, October 19, 2007

I got my YesStyle (an online Asian fashion store with well-known/unique brands from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea) package today!! FINALLY! It only took 23 days...
I ordered a thin long black cardigan for $15USD. I like it but since it only comes in 1 size, the arms are a bit short (by about half an inch) but I can always pull it up.
I also bought... [drum roll please: doogadoogadoogadooga]
a Googims hoodie (I'm modeling on the left)!! I was a bit scared I didn't order the right size because (1) all the models on YesStyle are very slim and petite, (2)because Asian sizes usually fit smaller... but I checked the measurements before I ordered, and (3) because I've never ordered any clothes online before by myself (besides maybe a tee from Threadless.. but I tried the shirt on before I bought it). Their smalls are actually the size of a small-medium. I have a problem with sweatshirts -- they are either too big in the shoulders and armpit, or everything else doesn't fit right. Lucky enough this fits perfectly! I'm extremely happy with it. It's something different, yaknow? If you can't see the print, it tells you how many calories you burn when you do various activities (mainly chores). For example, when you do laundry, you burn 25 calories every 10 minutes. When you take a bath, you burn 28cal/10 min. I just hope nobody comes up to me and tries to read it... that's why I don't like wearing graphic tees haha
Btw, Googims is a brand from South Korea. Wanna tell people you're on a diet? That you're single? Busy? Hot? Stressed? Dry for over a year? They sell a lot of cute t-shirts and bags with motivational messages (like the one on the right $48USD)!
Check them out!
See, the reason why I adore online shops such as YesStyle, is because what you see on there you can't find HERE. Plus, sometimes the prices can be pretty darn reasonable.
Anyway, I'm quite impressed with YesStyle and definitely won't hesitate to order from them in the future. I'm currently waiting for their winter coats to be in stock! The reason why I bought from them was because they had free shipping if you ordered $99USD or more so I combined my order with M (who bought a pair of music shoes). I really hate paying for shipping and handling. Usually, you'd have to purchase over $200USD for free shipping. You also get $5 off your first purchase when you create an account (which is easy peasy lemon squeezy).

So since this blog is all about YesStyle, I'll show you some of the things they sell:
lolll such a hurried MSpaint cut-and-paste job... Click the pic for a bigger view.

Chunzane# (South Korea)
Bit Button Double Breasted Trench ($88USD)
Hankerchief Hem Knit Dress (Black) ($38USD)

Donda (South Korea)

Comfy Casual Jacket in Different Materials ($82USD)

Puch (South Korea)
Stretch Fit Dress ($32USD)

Anna Sui
Flower Face Mirror ($22USD)

JBROS (South Korea)

2-way Perforated Satchel ($62USD)

Ryu Ryu (Japan)
Short-Sleeve Lamé Knit Dress and Arm Warmer Set ($88USD)

Whew! It's already Saturday.
Oh and scary thing about the plane crashing into the apartment in Richmond, eh? R.I.P. Pilot.
Totally forgot to talk about my day! Very quickly: Had GIS lab and Cyrille (TA) knows my name. Shopping downtown w/ M to find her church clothes. Bumped into Martha (great coat!), Theresa, and Katherine (so smart she had rainboots!). Stepped into GIANT, unavoidable puddles... thank goodness my shoes were cheap. Found a Guess Outlet-type store with 50% everything (cute things like dresses for $25(!!) but all summer clothes and no money). Ate at Kintaro Ramen on Denman for the 3rd time. Oh yea - I tried CHEESE ramen, which is ramen with a bunch of sharp cheese on top... I don't think I'll ever have it again b/c the cheese was a bit much after a couple bites. I think my ramen needed a bit of gochujang (super flavourful Korean red pepper paste)... 'cause you know - Gochujang goes with everything BUT cereal.
"Sleep well",



uh oh hearing you say its a small medium is making me worry..LOL
but that's ok cause well hoodies that are a bit bigger is ok, im sure it'll be fineeee

Im so excitedddddddddd I want it noww LOL! Gotta take my midterm soon, just got up..SO FREAKING TIREDDDD

cheese sounds...not appealing..HAHA i usually like cheese but like I dont know noodles like that and cheese wouldn't have appealed to me off a menu.

unavoidable pudddddles eh??
my mom and i were talking yesterday and it was so funny, she's like yea in highschool you looked the same age as everyone else, but now you just look much younger...HAHAHAHAHA

I mean yea its a good thing I look young, but when you are 20 and ppl call you cute its a litttttle weird.

missN said...

haha Well it's different if you're called kid-cute or attractive-cute!

Yea the puddles were HUGE and they stretched on forever.... and we were downtown so there was traffic so you couldn't just walk to the very end of the puddle. Katherine was in front of me and she had gumboots on so she could step RIGHT into the puddle! So smart.

AND yes - I tried cheese ramen because it said on the description that "ladies just LOOOVE it". I didn't.... so does that mean I'm not a lady? Or they're wrong? haha

Anonymous said...

darn...are my comments showing up here??? i thot i posted one last blog,,,..but i dont see it! and i thot i jus posted one now too! but.. it wont post.. lemme try again.. hai


oh hmm maybe i have to click this thingy...

Anonymous said...

AH i figured it out. ...= ___= i feel stupid..

SO i wat i said.. yesstyle website is looking more appealing, tho i've looked a couple times and didnt really see anything in my price range.. u kno me, so cheap = ='' i will look again another time.. i havent even made enough time to get my camera!! my dad is questioning if i even need it anymore :( coz it's alreayd halfway thru semester.. ;alskdfja;slkdfj darnnnnnnn . yeah i say MADE enough time coz.. i always say i havent got the time..but truth is i do,.. i jus dont use it properly :(:(

oh, and wat i said last post... if i can remember.. i said u should come to ECI and check out the fashion when school is in full swing. see wat the students are wearing.. haha. dims doesnt like it- it's too weird for him lol!! he says theres such a big differnet from ECI to SFU.. kinda interesting in a way.

okok back to hw....... sigh

N said...

haha oh yea I'd love to come see fashion at ECI! I can probably make a Monday or a Wed. haha too weird for dims! Well.. I must say SFU is pretty darn boring though. Extremely uninspiring!

Yeaaa my time management isn't the greatest either. Keep researching on your camera! There's also a Broadway Camera at Aberdeen .. they might have some good prices there. I can't wait to try your camera out! haha... well if you haven't used it so far, do you actually need it? Of course not. But it's SO cool to have!