Sunday, October 14, 2007

Black Lego

I'm finally back up in my room after spending a few weeks hogging the kitchen table with my textbooks, papers, and laptop. It's nice up here - a lot more quiet and dark. I feel like I'm in a hole.

So today D and I went to Waves (a coffee shop on Commercial) as planned. The biggest cup size at Waves is called Waves. I think it should be called Tidal loll.
I put in a good 4 hours of studying sans music before I needed a good break. What did we do for a break? We walked down to Lululemon's factory outlet to take a peek. I've never been before and I don't own a single piece of Lululemon clothing. It was alright. They had those super popular Scuba hoodies in white and yellow and a bunch of tanks, shorts, and capris. Nothing was really under $29. Even their yoga bras were $39! I can't say I really get the whole Lululemon hype but their pants are very soft and comfy. However, if I were to choose between Lululemon pants and TNA sweat pants, I'd definitely choose the TNA ones (they're cheaper too).
After the outlet, D and I hung out at Grandview Elementary and looked over some notes for a while and then bussed to D's house. It was her sister's birthday family dinner so I helped her aunt make some food (and of course eat) -- super super good Viet food. D is so lucky to live in the same house as her. Luckily I live 5 blocks away.. so guess who gets invited over?? I'm so spoiled.

Here are a few more material things I adore that I wanted to post yesterday:

I don't know why it was so hard for me to pick a picture that best represented this dress! I know I didn't do it justice so click HERE for more pictures. This dress ($32USD on YesStyle) is made by a Korean brand called Puch.

This is another perfect all-occasion dress you can dress up or dress down and wear with practically anything. Work? Yes. Dinner with the girls? Yes. Clubbing? Yes. Dates? Yes. It's not a "where can I wear this?" dress. It's a "where CAN'T I wear this?" dress. The accessories you choose can really make this dress look totally different.

The whole outfit is so simple yet super chic. The whole layered past-the-knee stocking idea is fabulous and really breaks up the block of blackness.

This could very well be THE peep-toe pump I've been looking for!! This one is from BCBGirls and is found on for only $89USD! Too bad I'm too scared to order shoes online because I'm afraid they won't fit. Anyway, it has been so hard finding a pair of peep-toes with a decent peep. So now that I know that these exist, I will go hunt them down.

I also adore Dong Bang Shin Ki (a Korean Band you should definitely check out) so here's a picture of them in Thailand from today:

Left to Right: Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu

I'm working for my dad tomorrow so goodnight,

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When I saw JunSu in this picture yesterday I was like HAHA he looks like a little kid, but an adorable little kid at that! HAHA