Monday, October 15, 2007

Nails and Eggplant

Boy I need to cut my nails. I go through phases when it comes to my nails. About once every 2 or 3 months, I'll notice how long and unloved they look and try to perform some manicurgery with a quick file and a new coat of polish.

I worked all day at my dad's office. Nothing exciting there except that I had a burrito bowl @ Mex Burrito (which isn't really worth the $6.35 as it was before) for lunch. The guys who work there are so unenthusiastic too. Don't blame them - it's a crappy job in a dark environment.

So Daisy, the receptionist, wore this really cute English style cropped trench today so of course I had to find out where she got it from. Lo and behold, it was Lululemon! I had no idea they came out with them. This coat is called Studio Trench and is water resistant (great for Vancouver weather)!! However, when I looked it up on their website, it looked a bit different than it looked on Daisy... definitely not as cute in the picture. On Ebay, they're selling it for $225USD but I've seen it for $175.

$100+ seems like the going price for nice coats these days eh? It almost seems like $200 for a coat is what you're gonna have to pay for if you want something somewhat durable and fashionable. Actually, for our weather, coats are definitely a good investment. I'm sort of obsessed with coats. I've added two coats to my wardrobe so far this year: a practical North Face windbreaker for when I do decide to do more outdoor/sporty-type activities, and a detachable fur-lined bomber one from A&F. I told myself that I'm not going to wear the same coat every day like I did last year (it was my mom's dark green pea coat from Fairweather or one of those stores). I plan on adding a long dressy coat and a long, down-filled (but not quilted) Korean coat to my collection if I ever find one.

Nad just sent me this site called TWINKIE's FRIDGE.
In it, you can buy scarves that resemble food!

Green salad anyone?
They also come in Spaghetti n Meatballs, French Fries, and Rocky Road Ice cream.

My favourites (which translates to which ones I'd most likely wear if I
had to choose) are Eggplant and Rocket Pop.

Cute concept but I'm not sure I like the idea of having what looks like the remnants of a healthy food fight as an accessory.

Soo not much of a fashion post today... I have my Ginseng presentation (for nutrition) tomorrow and a Japanese quiz.. and I have to finish my lab for Friday and I have my accounting midterm on Thurs!
Gotta getta crackin',

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LOL of course I saw the bae seul gi comeback perf. I watched it the day it came out..(well the date here, but it came out the day before in Korea). I totally loved her first cd so I was excited when she came out with her second one =D pretty good.

I LOVE forever love too! still reminds me of LeeHom cause of the title.

I need a rain coat so badlyyyyyy.