Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finding a Balance

Got an eventful weekend lined up, but starting to wonder if I really should.. I can sense some bad, lazy school habits starting up soon.. really need to coffee shop it up to read read read! It's where I concentrate the best. Got seven 20+pg articles and 4 chapters (62 pages) to read this week... and it's just the 1st week. Whoopdeedoo. Today, my Contemporary Capitalism TA added on discussion questions to hand in starting in 2 weeks. I gotta say I love taking notes on my mom's little netbook. It's so great for these 8:30AM classes where I can't really understand everything at the rate it's being spoken to me 'cause it's so early so I just write what he's saying word for word along with notes on the powerpoint and make sense of it later at home. Contemporary Capitalism tutorial today was interestingly small lol.. I've never had such a small tutorial before! Only 6 ppl (compared to 18-23 usually) so I'll probably get to get to know my classmates more than usual. Also means more participation needed. UM yea. Kinda interesting - first time in all my classes/tutorials that I'm the only Asian. There are hardly any in the Geo department, but I see about a handful in my lectures and around one or two more in my tutorials. Not like it's gonna change anything and I don't feel any different, but it's just something I noticed. In another way, it's kind of a shock, especially coming from Korea lol
Anyway, this Fri night, I have dinner + gonna watch Avatar 3D in IMAX (woot) bought advanced tickets so we can get in for sure. On Sat, I have lunch with one of my friends who just came back from exchange in Taiwan and then I have a going away party/dinner for another friend who is going to Australia for a while with some possible dancing plans after. On Sunday, I possibly have lunch plans, will do lots of packing (I already packed 1 box that seems like 1/3 of my closet.. wow if I can fit my entire wardrobe (minus outerwear) in 3 boxes, I'll be surprised and kind of sad), and am attending this Wedding Soiree thing that's apparently like a fake wedding receiption w/ 3 course meal + manicures + even a bouquet toss lol yay an occassion to possibly wear a Forever 21 dress I've had sitting in my closet for 2 years. In between, I will try to fit in some coffee/reading.. yea good luck to me. I have my first paper (out of 14) due next Thursday and I haven't had a full lecture on the material, yet.
I'm exhausted.. gonna take a nap... (it's 6PM). See you in a couple hours... and then I will have to read 4 articles (65 pages).

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