Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Breakfast In Bed

AND so the procrastination has begun. I've finally found a new blog host site (whatever you call it)- called tumblr. It looks awesome (and I hardly ever use that word unless it's followed by possum) and makes blogspot look super outdated. Tumblr even has a function where you can call in your post and have an audio-recording! How cool is that.

I like this shoe. It has nice proportions. Wish it came in nude. Platform pumps all the way.

So my tiny tiny bathroom singlet ensuite of the house I'm moving into has one of those mirrors that span the whole wall (really not that big) that I thought was only done in houses built prior to 2000... but I guess not.
Here's a way to make it more modern, though! Too bad my sink isn't in the centre of the mirror so I can't really do this.
I like the towel bar in the mirror reflection. I had no idea towel bars could be so pricey...Picture credit:

This is pretty - paper flower wreath
Gah! Where did Alexander Wang get this mirror!? Perfectly ornate. The dresser is lovely, too, but it wouldn't fit in my room.
Glamorous shoe storage (drool)
Ih. Not keen on dusting my shoes...
Love full, luxurious drapes like these.
A framed fireplace!
I love ivory, beige, and white for rooms. This is too white and I'd like more substance near the desk area for me, but still glam... but after staring at it a bit more, I'm like it less and less...
I like this bedside book holder.
As of 2 days ago, my Gmarket order has arrived in Vancouver. Now where is it?
(Wow just quickly scanned my post.. sorry for the terrible grammar.. I will sleep now)


Nat said...

nice interior design post! way to add variety to your blog :) except everything you like is ivory and white and ornate :( lol

valfrid said...

Nice decoration ...thanks to post this pictures..

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