Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Seriously.. love... chocolatee.
Sometimes, it's the first thing I eat in the morning now as bad as that sounds lol
And I crave it after dinner! Sometimes, I'd rather have chocolate than even eat a meal!
I don't know if it's because it's exam season... I seem to crave in hills.

But not any chocolate... gotta be decent quality like from Daniels or Ritter or Lindt or Brussels Hedgehogs or Japanese choco like Meiji or Ferrero Rocher etc. None of the Halloween candy crappiness. So no Hersheys either except for their candycane kisses.. not a fan of milk choco.. only dark. I've become picky, yet I've opened my taste buds to goodness mmmmmmm

1 comment:

Nat said...

i dont even like lindt anymore. dims bought me a box of lindt dessert chocolates....they had mini cheesecake, tiramisu, meringue, macaroons, creme brulees... i was so excited and i ate one...didnt taste very good...tried another...didnt taste good either...and another..and another ...after like 4 or 5 i gave up :(