Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Found Love

I decided to skip the stress of making resolutions before the new year because if I were to improve myself, I'd be more likely to follow through when I was inspired rather than making resolutions 'cause it was the time to do so.

SO I've thought of a few so far:
1. I resolve to think carefully over every purchase. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean I have to buy something. Just because it's trendy and would go great with my wardrobe for this season, doesn't mean I have to buy it. I want to make sure that clothing purchases are investments, not money tossed away. I find that about half the time, I buy things just because I want it at that moment (like my ankle boots -- after looking over my scary Visa statement, I've decided to return them). I use new purchases for about a week and then they're forgotten about.. and I realize as much as I want something at that moment, give me 3 weeks and I wouldn't want it anymore.
2. Take better care of my hair. I don't know if it's because it's Winter or if it's because of the products I've been using, but everyday seems to be a bad hair day that needs a LOT of fixing before I leave the house. I found Shiseido Tsubaki conditioner @ Aberdeen today for $12! I know I can get this in Korea for half that but my hair cannot be condition-less until then. It's the re-fill version (a package, not the container) - that's why it's cheaper. I hope it's as good as ppl say it is. I also have a $15 off any purchase coupon @ Kiehl's valid anytime in January so I'm planning on getting their Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak. Tons of great reviews for that product on Makeupalley.
3. Start caring about shoes. My shoe collection is a bit disappointing. I have more black heels than anything else. Vancouver has got to be one of the worst shopping cities for nice shoes. It's so easy to buy cheap, poor quality shoes. Gotta think investments...

I'm envious of her black Tommy Hilfiger cape!!
More cape-ness from LuluForget LV, I'm all about miu miu now.
Miu Miu has revived my love for handbags!!!
I'm in love with this bag! It's really not as square -- this is what it looks like when it's stuffed. How come I can't find the model anywhere online...Where are my black stockings?! Ever since I put them through the wash a month ago, they've disappeared!


Nat said...

hmm i probably have similar resolutions to you then.. hmmm
thanks, now i am thinking i should return my straightener :P the new haircut makes it really quite straight.......but...wat.. if i do need it one day! and then i need to buy it at reg price! HMMM jeez
you know wat tho, you should try out the curling iron i got, and u should keep it for now if you like it. my hair has no use for such a large barrel anyway = ='' at least not for a while. if you like it u should take it to korea w/ u if u think u will need it! (since u mentioned prev. that u wanted a large barrel one)

surprisingly i didnt buy clothes over this break. crazy since i always seem to love buying clothes.... hah u have changed my views more and more (aiya lol) i dont shop at UB anymore :P i think i didnt buy any clothes coz im waiting for an f21 spree XD oh wait the only clothes i bought was the jacket. other wise, all SHOES .. and yeah, im even thinkign about the quality first too. spring is kinda...iffy. aldo even is :S there are these 80$ heels i like but u can see the glue from the decoration coming out.. it's so bad! hai.
and actually my hair is kinda weird too but i havent gotten to the point of caring about it yet..

that white miumiu bag is quite nice - practical! the dog is kinda creepy tho :S

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