Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

Right now I'm sitting on my livingroom couch, cross-legged, the Christmas tree lights being my only source of light aside from my laptop, snuggled up in a new luxurious plush throw from Restoration Hardware (I cannot express how much I love that store! That and Liberty are my absolute favourite interior furnishing + decor stores! I saw this one large glass coffee table at Liberty the other week... it was perfection but stood at a ridiculous $3,800 or something like $289/month... anyway) that I couldn't resist NOT buying and I'm so glad I did. It's the softest thing! AND it's in silver sage which, I've decided, is gonna be the "colour" in my room. So silver sage and cream, basically (with touches of gold and silver) and some dark brown to heavy the room, if you know what I mean. I couldn't decide between silver sage and eucalyptus (basically a darker silver sage) but I realized it's a bit easier finding a darker shade than that shade of silver sage. I'm going for that luxury hotel room look.

The idea of teaching English in Korea has been lingering in my mind since first year. To me, teaching, in general, is not something I see myself doing because I think it's something you should have interest and should sort of have an expertise in... and I never seem to learn something so well to be that good in it... well, I'm sure I can teach Grade 2 math but I have no interest in that whatsoever. However, English is different - it's something that's natural to me - something I've grown up with. Compared to non-English speakers, I am an expert! Ever since I heard first hand of an SFU student (she's Chinese + has a bit of an accent) teaching English (for $50USD cash/hour) last Spring during her exchange in Korea, my interest in teaching English sparked yet again (though it is illegal...). Yesterday, I found this girl's blog on Soompi that was about her thoughts and experiences of teaching English in Korea. Her Soompi alias is Ginger and she's got a BA in English Lit, is 23, and is full Korean but adopted when she was 3 months old by 2 Italian laywers from West Virginia. She's an engaging blogger and honestly tells all - the pros and the cons of teaching. I think this post titled "My Official Teaching English in Korea Information Post" is helpful and excellent for those curious about what it takes and what is involved.
Anyway, I think teaching English there while I'm studying would sure bring my experience to a whole other level, but I don't think I'll actually take time out of my day to search for a job... though getting paid good money to babysit a kid just so that he/she will be exposed to English at a young age sounds really fun to me! Talk, play, love!

Uuuuummmm first day back at my other non-Posh job today =) Well, it was actually =( getting there -- took me 1.5 hours when it usually takes me 45 minutes MAX. But my coworkers, 2 older women (40+) are funny and real lovely to work with.

I want to try so many Dine Out restaurants this year.. there's so many to choose from! But they're all in the $38 category and I don't have the money to try... indulge...

My title is from SNSD's new song, Gee. My goodness it's such a catchy song! Their MV is annoyingly cute but I love it. I can't differentiate their voices though.. they all have the same high-pitched voice!

My brother and I are going to do charcoal masks together now. I stocked up on some at Daiso the other day (finallyyyyyy - always seems to be sold out!). Here's to good skin! [Clink]


Nat said...

why are there so sooo many girls in this snsd group?!?! o_O i hae to say i find this annoying cute as well, and i dont love it hahaha..i like wonder girls mmuuuch better :P their songs are more addictive

silver sage?! oh i get it.. the "sage" didnt comprehend at first, i was like "that's not silver! that's greeeen!" haha. a customer had some colours for her home and one of them was a rest. hardware one and she's like "you know the restoration hardware _____" and i was like..uhh..no?!?! = = i dont know my colours..

wow that girl is quite amazing! i guess being in america made her want to get in touch with korean roots? good for her. long blog, only skimmed it...but yeah, that'd be great if you did! buuut... of course, you'd have to juggle your classwork and being in a new environment AND a new job? for me, adjusting to a new job HERE is tough enough, let alone in another country :P

Natasha said...

ahha yea WG > SNSD but I prefer this SNSD concept to their previous "doll" one.

Restoration hardware colours are love! It makes me even like brown!

That girl, ginger, is actually teaching english in Korea along w/ her bf (she's now engaged!) and 4 of her best friends from college! cooooolllll

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