Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clothes Shopping Ban In Effect

I'm finished clothes-shopping in Vancouver until July 12th! haha
Yesterday, Nad's family + I went down to Westfield Southcenter. Nad and I spent around 7 hours in the mall. which wasn't enough time considering the huge-ness of the mall! We got there around 10:30 (mall opens at 10). For lunch, we decided to go to this cheap sushi restaurant my Aunt told us about called Sushiland and boy was it a mistake. It's like the chain Genki sushi where you sit bar-style and food comes around on plates on a conveyer belt and you choose which ones you'd like to eat. Each plate corresponds with a certain price from $1 to $3. Sushi was mediorcre with the bean curd wrapped rice thingy and the eel being my favourites. The $3 tasted funny - soft shelled crab roll + seared tuna sushi. There was a 15 minute wait (pretty busy.. had to sign in yourself!). There were only 2 or 3 Asian employees in the whole restaurant... all the others were Caucasian or Spanish and one of the girls couldn't even pronounce Agedashi...! Butchea, it's generally pretty cheap but Nad and I ate a lot so the bill came out to be $21USD. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have some of the menu items I saw on their website like $3 udon bowls.
Anyway, enough about that. Back in the mall, we scoured F21. I ended up getting this thick knit scallop cardigan in a weird gray-purple colour, a cheap black tank, and a $16 knitted pencil skirt from F21, 5 pieces of underwear + a pair of navy blue stockings from PINK (Victoria's Secret), a bra from Victoria's Secret, 7 pieces of underwear ($1.90 each!) + sleeping shorts from Gilly Hicks (massive sale, IMO!), black Kensie mini triangle/diamond stockings and a Mint Julip face mask from Fred Meyer. The only other thing on my list that I didn't get b/c they were sold out was my Le Pliage Large Longchamp bag from Nordstrom...
SA buffered my pinky and tried to sell us some expensive hand cream/nail thingy set, I ate Red Mango's pomegranate yogurt w/ blackberries, and had some sweet tea.

omg My underwear is so cute! lol

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