Friday, December 19, 2008

Strut Your Stuff

Is there a permanent sign on my head that reads please help me?

Or do I just seem so helpless or incapable that people always feel compelled to do favours for me?
Any which way I'm so grateful- especially this year at school, at work, and on the streets, I've noticed that there's just so many giving/helping-people I'm constantly receiving actions and things and I just feel as if I'm always saying thank you... and because of that, I'm much more a receiver than a giver. I'm very capable, I assure you! Yes, I can hold my own bag, if I spill something, thanks for offering your scarf but I can clean it up myself, I can throw away my own garbage, I can open my own doors (though that is a nice, chilvarous gesture), I can get my own coat, and yes I can even fasten my own seatbelt. I'm surprisingly strong too! I can lift boxes and move my own furniture! Don't get me wrong - I love receiving but I'm just curious if it's partly because I look so incapable... because I'm not! Just don't ask me to open jar lids... I can't do that.

Another thing, if I don't have a smile on my face, do I really look that unhappy? I can't seem to have a normal non-smily look that looks like everything is fine without having people chorus, "what's wrong??" or "you OK?" or "how come you're not happy?" in a concerned tone. It's so weird because I feel completely fine! Even yesterday I was pouring water and a coworker was like "Natasha, why aren't you smiling??"........ I'm pouring WATER!!!

Went to Boss w/ a few Posh co-workers a couple nights ago. I quite like it there! I had a good time =)
Wore my strappy bcbg's and they didn't hurt my feet (yay) but I pretty much towered over all the girls and like 50% of the guys. Lots of Asians as expected. Hardly took any pics from my camera and what I took aren't the greatest -- gotta get the rest from their digis. It was sort of to celebrate Tina's birthday too -- she's off to Beijing for a couple weeks! I'm green.
omg Yunho are you trying to kill me?! Now this is what I consider to be the perfect body.
Anyway, gotta get ready for work!

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