Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Quick One

Still, the worst semester in my life...

Anyway, ate @ Posh for din w/ B and M yesterday and ate @ Benkei Ramen w/ Nad today! Now I just need my sushi, Izakaya, Greek, and Korean food fill and I'm GOOD for a while.

Went to the NARS counter @ Holts to check out their lip gloss. My goodness, I think Holts can be my 2nd home! I just feel so comfortable when I'm there. The SA at the beauty counter (who reminded me several times that she has been with the brand for 7 years and is now coaching others how to be a makeup artist) was quite convincing so I ended up getting a lippy in Chihuahua. Was very tempted to buy a couple of other things such as their Illuminating stick in Cocucabana but I was good (does that mean an extra potato?).

Also finally got boots! They're black, quilted + leather Rockports (old lady brand). I now know what comfort is in a shoe. Phew - I'm not afraid to go outside anymore! Pictures to come tomorrow.

Aiii so much to doo!!! I just want to hole myself in my house for 3 days until I finish them.

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Melanie said...

well with the snow, now you pretty much can lock yourself in the house! i know i am.