Monday, December 15, 2008

I Wonder...

It's this type of weather that makes me want to snuggle up in my warmest fleece and plushest slippers and lounge around, staring out the window while sipping tea (in front of a fire).


My goodness, people are such fascinating little creatures.

One of my coworkers has the nicest eyebrow arch - it makes her look even 'gorgeous-er'.

Bought that tiered skirt from Club Monaco (from my last post)! Just for fun... my party skirt! Problem is, it doesn't look as cute on me at home as it did when I tried it on in store =(

A nonstop flight to Seoul (ICN) is 11 hours and 40 minutes. It only costs $1,015CDN! (Come visit me!)

Will I ever have black hair? Right now I'm thinking not...

Hair is so blah -- need a trim + re-dye but need to save.

Skin is horribly scaly! Yes, call me a Komodo Dragon... I need a good body scrub fast!

I really feel like watching a chick flick in the theatre...

I highly believe in toners! Mario Badescu doesn't ship to PO boxes!

I'm thinking of getting a few more piercings on my ear in the new year hmm

This new Spring/Summer platform trend is ugly. So Spice Girls and sooo 90's!

Hmm I wonder if you do too... I can imagine.

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