Thursday, September 11, 2008

Miss Piggy

I toootally pigged out today -- I was like a black hole 'cause how much + whatever I ate never made me feel full at all! I had sushi (shashimi + a spider roll + gomae) @ Sushi Garden for lunch, then split a bbt, then had yogen fruz (Medium!) practically by myself, then the lady @ Town Shoes gave me a Kinder Bueno bar (which I love!), then a yummy homemade veggie dip (pretty much ate the whole container) w/ pretzel chips, and then had a whole Cupcakes cupcake (Diva! Pink frosting!), and then dinner, and then I made a sorbet using the magic bullet. YUP. And I'm still not full! In fact, I feel hungry.

Got me a pair of black shoes at Town Shoes today! They have a bit of a stacked stub heel -- like maybe only an inch and they're skimmers (meaning pointy-toed and low to the ground)... patent, surprisingly for me. Plus they have a bit of suede on them and a suede bow thingy on the front. They're cute, I like them.

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