Thursday, August 7, 2008

Work Play Work

Today I went to my nomination session at SFU to see what I have to do and which university I'm going to for my exchange. Dun dun dunnnnn I got Korea University! Yea man I'm a happy beaver. So I have do a TON of other stuff before I'm actually, really, truly accepted/going but it's like 95% gonna happen.

Equally exciting news (for me, anyway).... my Zipia order came! I met up with the girl who did the survey (yay saved shipping costs) and I love every single thing I ordered! Everything fits well, everything looks like what I hoped it would look like (meaning their pictures are super accurate and they don't try to make it look better than it actually is unlike some YesStyle items). Extremely happy. I ended up getting a bag, a pair of plastic aviators (no metal rim), a heather gray drape-y vest, and 2 pairs of earrings. Fyi, if you do plan on buying from Zipia, there's a $500 minimum so I think it's best to take part in a survey.

Posh boss called -- he said he realized he gave me too many shifts this week (uh yea 6 shifts for 5 days of availability!) and that it might be overwhelming for me so he says I can have today free. So what did I do? Shop of course. Shopping in general is really satisfying for me, but shopping by myself is just perfect. I really enjoy shopping alone. I ended up going downtown + spent some time in H&M. I ended up getting a mustard yellow and white striped scarf thingy and a double-U black fitted dress (that's pretty much the same as the AA one xept it's thicker material and cheaper by $10).

Oh yea - I found out I look really bad in ankle boots (stupid legs). Makes me a little sad... I think they're chic.

I saw a cat with 3 legs yesterday. Seems fine, just hobbles slowly. I thought it was born like that but Emerald pointed out it had a hole in his leg.

No time for "I Wish I Could Add You To My Zune: Part 2" today unfortch... maybe tomorrow!

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