Sunday, August 17, 2008


For those who are interested in Banc sweatshirts,
I do not sell anything.
Please look at Soompi's surveys for them.

My left butt cheek is still sore from falling down the stairs yesterday morning. Boo. Have you ever had your leg just totally numb up? Well, not numb, but it just doesn't seem to want to bend? I had that, but I was so stubborn and told myself "psh, I can SO go down these stairs no problem with my laptop open in my hand". Little did I realize, my feet were very slippery and I almost fell 3 times before my big 5-6 stair fall at the bottom. It's like at work -- I almost slip 3-4 times every shift because of my shoes. Anyway, I fell real hard on my left butt cheek and it's still sore -- I think it's bruised... and I hardly ever bruise! Yes, the laptop is fine.

Work messes up my eating schedule man.

Today at work I briefly talked to this customer named Michael Ho. Have you heard of him? Apparently he's a big deal in the BMW world. Him and his family are very friendly. We have some interesting customers.

I didn't end up exercising today like I had hoped to... instead I helped my mom w/ errands all morning and worked later. I basically hopped in and out of the car all day. Oh I'm the first passenger of our new car! haha -- anyway, we stopped by Costco, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Napa Tires, Brentwood, Save On, and Winners. All under 3 hours!

I've had so little time -- not enough to continue with my "I Wish I Could Add You To My Zune". Boo.

What else have I been doing... I worked for event planning on Fri -- that place is not comfortable to work in when it's hot! Shared pho w/ M, Nad came over to do a good catch up + paint our nails haha. Sat, I took the day off! I helped my mom clean the garage, Auntie Sandy's family came over after PNE, then I went to Costco + then to Brandon's party. T'was fun! Lots of games. Played Rock Band for the first time. I guess I don't enjoy those types of games much. It was alright - I played drums for a while and then guitar and bass for the next few songs. Got to pick up my BSB tickets from Patricia (yay!).

My friend sent me THSK (DBSK)'s Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou (どうして君を好きになって) single from Japan and it arrived the other day for my birthday! I've been listening to it a lot. Got Junsu's card in it. Also comes with this Jamaican-sounding song called Box In The Ship ahha.

This week's schedule:
M - States
T - Work + dinner + sleepover
W - Work + clean room + out
Th - Work 12-3 + maybe SFU (depending on Academic Advisor's schedules) + out.
F - SFU (have to have to have to) + Work 5-closing + Atlantis
S - Wall climbing + work 5-closing
Sun - Free "me" half-day. Work 5-closing

I'm off to the States in 5ish hours! To bed I go.

Btw, how many of you know who Nardwuar is? It was for Cranium -- someone had to act him out. I was surprised that only 3 or 4 ppl including myself out of the 12 knew who he was!

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