Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sock It To Me

Ah - it's the time of the season again when I wish it was the total opposite season (like now, I wish it was Winter). My playlist is on shuffle and all this Xmas music has been playing (never happens!) and I have that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Dyed my hair today using Garnier Nutrisse in Medium Golden Brown. It came out the same as the one I used before - Garnier 100% Color -- only my roots dyed and the rest is still pretty dark. The colour my roots came out as is great though... Pretty much exactly what I wanted! If only my whole head dyed that colour! Garnier Nutrisse is similar to Garnier 100% (the results are the same) but I think I like 100% better 'cause it smells better and my hair turned out shinier when I used 100% (it boasts maximum shine whereas Nutrisse claims gray coverage + nutrients). Anyway, I'm thinking next time I'm going to go use a harsher brand... L'Oreal.. but that really dried out my hair. Actually, I might want to try another salon.

Just saw pics of Junsu from the (random?) trip to Arizona after Hollywood Bowl.
These snaps are from DBSK's photobook called A Weekend Holiday.
It's been a long time since I've seen pictures! My friend is in Japan right now. She says she bought me THSK's Doushite Kimi Wa Ni Natte Shimattan Darou (which translates to "Why Did I Fall In Love With You) single and it had Junsu's pic in it so she's mailing it to me =)

Nad brought the new Crocs High Heels to my attention.
I... don't know what to say.
I think I will be very surprised to see someone wear these on the streets.

I know I crossed retail off the list of jobs I'd do, but today, I briefly toyed with the idea of working at Holt Renfrew... the environment is pretty spacious and nice, I'm knowledgeable in the brand-name department (though I need to study denim a bit more) and I know what styles they offer and I am up to date with what's in style and what goes with what, I have excellent customer service qualities, I'd love to learn more about fashion, what sells and what doesn't (for future), and employees get 50% off regular merch and 33% off sale and 25% off LV and other high-end licensed designers. But that also means that I would actually have to try to look 'their level' everyday I work which means spending more than 10 minutes on my hair. I'm also not too sure how much of an aggressive SA I would be (to buy, but I would suggest), but I think I could definitely learn how to be like that + I could be quite good. Plus I think it's really hard to get hired if you don't have connections... and I think I sort of need that sort of work wardrobe... and employees there are a bit snooty. Sometimes when I go in there and I haven't dressed up or anything, I will get no help at all when I'm looking around, but when I've put a bit of effort, I get sales ladies trying to sell me products left and right. They ignore those who don't look like they have money (which is definitely not me). I would be confined to the clothes department too... since I still need a lot of practice with makeup. I think I look too young too... gotta grow up.

Anyway, I want to go to the States soon... waiting for that guy to contact my mom to let her know her car has arrived!

My L expired today.

I thought I was sort of done with American Apparel but I keep on finding things that would be such a versatile addition to my wardrobe. - Interlock Pencil Skirt in Navy/Slate
- Sheer Rib Short Sleeve Tunique in Seablue
- Triblend Lightweight Ragland Pullover (I already have the purple but I want the original gray and in L so it's super baggy). I've been seeing this on so many Koreans girls.. popping out of nowhere!
- Winter Leggings (to ankle) in Black
I checked out that dress I posted a while ago (the new, versatile one) in store yesterday... not impressed -- it looked awful compared to online (and it's usually the other way around for this brand -- nicer in real life than in pictures).

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