Sunday, July 20, 2008


M drew a very musical and quirky M on the door of her dorm. Actually, it said "M's". When I came, I added "+ N's" hehehe
The place was overrun by my stuff everywhere anyway.
Anyway, on Thursday (ah.. bad memory!) all I remember doing was meeting M to go for lunch at Bibliocafe (I never did end up having that Italian Deli sandwich)... oh right - I walked around downtown again for a while (while everyone was in class/practicing/napping), did a very mini grocery shop at Thrifty's, came back to watch the performance, and then went with the group went back downtown to eat Thai but the 2 restaurants were closed/full. We ended up eating at this restaurant named Sauce Bar and Restaurant near the water on Wharf St. That restaurant... well, here is my review on I gave the food, service, and value all 2 stars out of 5 and the ambiance 3/5.

Simple-Minded Oh my where to start... the service was surprisingly not great. The waitresses were definitely not the smartest bunch (for example they cannot count.. nor add.. on many many counts) and a couple were not friendly and one scowled when she took our order. The food itself, while still edible, was nothing great at all. The steak my friend and I ordered was overcooked even though we asked for rare, the salad was not very flavourful, and the dessert was satisfactory. Their Sangria was good though. The worst part was when both of us visited the restroom with the steak and scallop plate half full. When we came back, to our surprise, the waitress had taken the plate away and threw it out -- she did not pack it up at all! There was at least $10 worth of food (out of the $24) left on that plate!!

So yes. Not recommended.

Our food: 1 salad split in half + AAA steak w/ quarter-sized scallops wrapped in bacon, bok choy, and mashed potatoes.
The very talented Makiko, Sydney, and Dean.
Alana, Dean's mom, Makiko
The older 'kiddies': M, Alana
I turned a bit pink from the Sangria. Boooo
Dean's mom was so wonderful she paid for our drinks and dessert!

Friday - UM I think we ate rice cakes w/ PB + J and a banana for breakfast. M went to class + practice and I did a mini jog on the trail and ended up finding a gym for me to use. I, out of maybe 15 people, was the only young person in that gym --- everyone one else had wrinkles + white hair. That's Victoria for ya. Did laundry, grabbed lunch, watched noon performance. There was the showcase concert in the evening where everyone played. I enjoyed a lot of them. M has trained me over the years to know what to listen for, to know who is actually musical and who plays with heart and isn't just playing notes. It's a good thing because it makes me appreciate those who play musically more, but it's also sad that I don't enjoy those who play impressively (but without feeling) as much as I did before. M has a lot of supporters and fans there! It's great that she is finally recognized for her hard work 'cause it definitely shows. At intermission, we took a lot of pictures with that piano. It's a 9 foot concert grand Steinway fyi. If you don't know what that means, it's basically a celebrity of the pianos. I got to touch it and play a triad.
We left afterwards + the group headed downtown sans Makiko. We ended up at Ferris' Oyster Bar + Restaurant (which is where M and I wanted to go to on Thurs but the menu didn't seem to appeal to other small-town girls). It was excellent! The kids treated Dean's mom (and Dean) to thank her for being so kind, generous, and thoughtful the past 3 weeks. Anyway, M and I shared 6 oysters + a Meditteranean Sun pasta except we ended up all sharing and having some of the really yummy Oyster Caliente Penne too.
Oh yea - we shared honey garlic prawns as an appetizer:
Dean's Oyster Burger
Our huge oysters
Aww I like this picture xept Sydney is blurry.
Afterwards was fun -- just walking back to the car, hogging the whole sidewalk + linking arms as if we just came from a pub (to keep ourselves warm), laughing, talking.
When we got back, it was Goodbye-To-Alana time as she had to wake up early to catch her flight the next day. Lotsa hugs and some 'holding back the tears'. M, Alana, and I went to the pub but it closed 10 minutes after we got there. That was enough to down my Malibu + 7up + a round of shots (M finished for me).

The next morning (Sat), Dean's mom invited us over for really good omelettes (I usually don't like omelettes) + tortillas filled with eggs and everything imaginable. M and I walked over from the dorm in PJs - well, I did anyway. Then it was goodbye time again. I'm glad we'll be seeing most of them in the Fall again! The way home was pretty tiring and long.

After coming home, showering, and semi-unpacking, I went out again 'cause Nad said she wanted to drink BBT @ Sammi's + had something planned for me for my birthday.. and it just had to be that Saturday. I had to meet her at Stadium. It was extremely busy b/c of the concert happening at GM place. So we start heading over to Tinseltown and she has this letter-sized envelope in her hand and says she has to go mail something and takes it out to show me -- and to my surprise, it was a pair of tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil's Corteo that night!
It was amazing! Literally.
Magical... humorous ... I was totally entranced the whole time.
Pictures are prohibited. I snuck this one.
I can't tell you what my favourite parts were -- everything was either "wow!", "how did they do that?!" or "ohhhh myyy". So many acts that included trampolines, chandeliers, giant rings, juggling, tight-rope walking (on an angle too!), good singing, flexible midgets, and even a midget that bounced around the audience while being held up by giant helium balloons! I wish I'd be light enough to experience that. The music was fantastic + the whole performance was practically flawless. Definitely recommended! I can't believe I got to see this. Next time I see it hopefully will be in Las Vegas.

Today I went shopping downtown with Ryan and his bf, Brian. It was nice and refreshing seeing what there was available for guys now as I always and solely shop for girls. It was also fun and stimulating to have some actual fashion conversation w/ Brian (who ended up getting $450 True Religions).. 'cause he's one who actually knows the same brand names and to have the same taste, likes, and dislikes as I. Ryan got a pair of shoes from B2 and 2 bags from Mexx and Zara. I love it when people buy things! Then for dinner, Ryan treated me to AYCE sushi + bbq @ Shabusen for my birthday. Yumm. M picked me up and transferred the Victoria photos onto her laptop. There was quite a scare b/c a couple folders were missing.... dun dun dunnnn but after a while, she smartly found them using search. Yay!

Thanks to you guys!

My dad killed the wasp nest near the garage too. It was pretty funny 'cause he totally covered up every part (and even had a plastic bag over his head and elastics over the ankle-part of his pants) just in case the wasps would attack him. He basically boiled 3 huge pots of water and poured it into the nest to kill the wasps. I think they were sleeping so I'm pretty sure they're all dead now.

I bought the OPI Cosmo Not Tonight Honey nailpolish at that place near FCUK on Robson. I tried a lot of the other gold-shimmery colours like Curry In A Hurry and I Only Drink Champagne too but this one seemed the nicest (and it was my original colour-lust too from looong time ago).

I'm not working next week 'cause the company still needs to set up their new office, but I'm still busy.
  • Renew expired L for driving
  • Help mom clean house for guests (coming over next week)
  • Kayaking on Thurs
  • Find and reserve restaurant for bday
  • Helping ppl shop
  • Make dinners
  • Prepare for following birthdays
  • Hang out with ppl
  • Read
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Dye hair
YesStyle - Cocoavenue
I want those shoes!!! Lovelyyyyy
They're not for sale though...


Nat said...

what a long blog! so much action for you in the last few weeks :D i wish i could've seen ur dad all covered up :P lucky they werent angry or awake :S i think wasps can still sting through clothing and plastic? even if u have the bee suit, they still get stung.

wow victoria looked super fun w/ all those people. is victoria itself that interesting? haha i was thinking about it.. and.. probably not so much.

yay im glad you enjoyed corteo! well.. kinda hard not to =p but yay me for my AWESOME sneaky skills :D haha i learned them from dims.

yes it IS fun wen other people buy things wen you're shopping..but.... sometimes dont necessarily need them =p haha i know the same feeling though.

Nat said...

did you see the CROCS HIGH HEELS in the sweet spot?? (it was their "the pits" shoe choice) .. INSANE. it ...actually looks kind of decent on screen, but just like the flip flop crocs, they probably will look absolutely awful in person. yech.

did u know there's an our lady of sorrows fb group? not many people in it. looks like i had a friend who went there too, matthew low, not that i ever talk to him anymore. (since..grade10)

and, yes those ARE very nice shoes. classy but still very trendy and stylish.

N said...

haha yea Victoria is pretty boring... I wanted to go Kyaking though! It's like $12 for 3 hours or something between 5-8PM! We didn't have time.

Yea I think I saw the OLS FB group before -- Hardly anyone I know/remember from my grade unfortch.

I want those shoes so badlyyyy!