Saturday, May 3, 2008

Milk It

Wow I lasted very well today w/ only 2.5 hours of sleep. I felt pretty darn normal! Maybe even a bit more energetic than usual. Maybe it's all the Vit C I've been getting... or the small Mr. Browns coffee. Only half an hour ago (around 12:15AM) did I start becoming tired. Went to Korean this morning - learning how to construct sentences now -- topic/particle markers etc.

So far we've learned:
(Romanization might be a little off - I don't have my folder + notes w/ me)
Annyonghaseyo (Any sort of initial greeting like hello... good morning... hi... good evening etc.).. very basic everyone knows.
Choum bepkkessumnida (use before you say your name - means "Pleased to be your acquaintance")
Chonun Natasha yeyo. (I'm Natasha)
Mannaso banggawoyo (Pleasure to meet you) or Chal but'akdurimnida (I hope you will support me)
Shillayhamnida (Excuse me)
Sugohashawssumnida (Thanks for helping me)
Anyongi kaseyo (say when you're staying and they're leaving)
Anyongi kayseyo (say when I'm leaving and they're staying)
Chonun Kaenada saram ieyo. (I'm Canadian)
Chonun haksaeng ieyo. (I'm a student)

A few phrases from this week:
Igon hangugolo mwoyeyo? (What is this thing (near me) in Korean?)
You can replace Igon with Kugon (equivalent to "that" - meaning something near the person you're talking to) or Chogon (equivalent to "that over there" - meaning something that's far from both you and whoever you're talking to).
Anyo, miguk sarami aniyeyo (No, I'm not American).

So far, the vocab we've learned is around 30-40% foreign loan words so it's been pretty easy.
I want to learn the numbers and how to shop!! Next weeeeek
One Caucasian lady likes Kdramas so she let M borrow Coffee Prince. I can't wait to watch it... I haven't watched a drama in so long.

Anyway, after we took the #4 downtown and shared a Bibimbap + Red Bean donut (YUm!) @ Hmart, bought a SIGG waterbottle for R, and popped by A's house to drop off her keys. Then I went home and somehow 2 hours passed really quickly 'cause the next thing I knew, I was @ R's party. Lotsa fun games. He made an Amazing Race hybrid... not sure. Jason was my partner. Fair game with detours (2 choices.. you choose which one you think is easiest at that time but it just might not be.. like you can try to take a picture of his scale from 29-33pounds.... and his scale was very touchy and digital so that was nearly impossible.. OR take a picture of 10 street signs) which messed us up. If it was a game that involved even more endurance, we would have beat them all! But R took out the "exhausting" ones 'cause ppl didn't wanna do any sort of exercise. We came in 3rd. The hardest one was trying to fly a paper airplane into a basket (omg...). Tons of junk to eat... then we ended w/ the hilariously fun game of Quelch.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to volunteer for BMO's marathon buttttt they always seem to have too many volunteers so D and I don't really do much/anything anyway but eat their snacks for volunteers, sit on astroturf and amuse ourselves for a few hours early in the morning. So yea we're gonna skip out on that this year. My productive plans tomorrow include exercise, cleaning my room, eye appt at 2:30, and writing my Statement of Interest for exchange, and maybe watching a couple episodes of Coffee Prince.

Alex (from Clazziquai) and Shin Ae on "We Got Married" (where the cameras follow 2 celebrities pretend to be "just married" and live together for 6-7 weeks... I've mentioned it before) are so cute! They're my favourite couple. Alex is so thoughtful, romantic, chivalrous, light hearted, athletic... protective (in a good way), has such an easy going temperament, and seems to be good at everything (except maybe flying kites when there's no wind). Saranghaeyooooo. I've seen a few episodes from other couples and they're really funny too.
Too bad it's the 7th episode... I think that's the last =( I'll miss them.

Btw, I had no idea the "Nick" Mariah Carey is secretly married to is the Nick Cannon I know from Drumline.... good looking guy IMO. I see him as such a young guy compared to Mariah - 10 yrs+ difference!

My posts have been a bit picture-less... so here. Enjoy a couple pics of the uniquely beautiful Miranda Kerr (VS model + Orlando's gf).
Less than 10 days until I leave for LA! I can't believe how close it is... gotta start really searching where we want to eat/go!

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