Wednesday, April 16, 2008


FINISHED Japanese... I can't believe it's probably the last time I'll ever see my sensei!! And the last thing I said to him, besides "thank you", when he was walking around, was, "I can't remember this character!!" out of frustration. I literally spent the last 15 minutes of the exam trying to write out every single katakana character to find out how 'to diet' was written... it was so easy at the end - I can't believe I couldn't get it right away haha and he laughed. The exam was a very fair exam. Of course it's one of those that left everyone saying "I wish I studied harder!" when they came out of the exam, but what's done is done. I only wish I practiced my Kanji (Chinese characters) more... I only got about 3/5 of them. Was starving after so the group went to eat @ Bubble World. Ssssalty stuff.

A few of my Japn buddies have already booked their flight to Japan in the middle of July for 2 weeks. I really want to go butttt no money. We've decided to start playing the lotto to increase my chances of going haha

I can't believe I'm going to learn a new language now! Korean! This Saturday! I'm hoping I learn it better than Japanese. I wonder what I'm going to do with my limited Japanese knowledge now? There's just so much more to learn! I'm so glad I got a chance to have a headstart at a new language... and I still want to be fluent, but I think I'm going to need some one-on-one training.

Face is needing some pampering... I don't know if it's all the junk I've been eating the past week and a half (some serious junk food mannn minus the grease) and/or "stress" (I don't feel stressed but apparently my body feels it 'cause it's constantly craving sweets) and/or the less than adequate/interrupted sleep I've been getting the past week.5, that I'm breaking out a little... not to mention I feel like I've gained 5 from the past week just on my face as a result. Thank goodness I'm venturing on the Master Cleanse in 5 days... to detox my system and cleanse it from all these impurities. My right side of my face feels a bit bumpy and itchy... even my neck. I wonder what I'm allergic to... maybe something from Bubble World... it's so salty I just drank almost a litre of water and I'm still thirsty!!

I wish I had enough money to take advantage of ShopBop's TaxBreak promotion!

I found out what ADIDAS (the brand) originally stood for - All Day I Dream About Soccer. That's why you see so many soccer-related Adidas merch. Now, it's All Day I Dream About Sports.

Current lusts: Gold jewelry in multiples (bracelets and rings), patterned dresses, and bandeau swim suits.
Currently looking into: hair styling products and a 1.5 - 2 inch curling iron.
Credit to -- I like this girl's vibe and I even think that snake tattoo on her thigh is really neat. Love the dress and hair.
My hair is at such a blah stage right now - it's in that between length that's not short enough to be cute and chic, and not long enough to be pretty and feminine. Darnit I want those extensions and I want my hair that colour! Ppl have been saying I look so different w/ black hair and I ain't taking that as a good thing.

I'm seeing so many cute, short hairstyles these days! I'd love to have one for the summer but I think long hair suits me better... though I never change my hair - it's always so similar (xept for the time I permed it). I said I'd never perm it again 'cause it's such a pain to grow out, but I think I just might do another perm... not the same perm I did last time, but maybe the digital perm that's less damaging on your hair and looks more natural... and yea just nicer. But I'd just perm 3/5ths of my hair instead of the whole thing.

Another cute short hair pic from a YesStyle model.
Is it a bit sad knowing where every piece (and the relative price) of two outfits The Hills stars, Heidi, wore on two separate days? lol... or maybe it's just a coincidence she happens to buy from the online stores I browse around... like Intermix and ShopBop... butchea. I thought it was a bit freaky. This is what takes up all the space in my brain.. hmm maybe this is saying something about my future job... future contestant on The Price is Right anyone? loll j/k

This weekend is pretty booked, and then I have exactly one week of uneventfulness socially but that's OK - I really have to crack down on the exchange application. And then starting April 30th, everyone is pretty much out of school and want to jam everything before summer school gets hectic so I'm pretty much busy until I come back from LA on May 20th... but that's when I really have to crack down on a job... unless I miraculously land one before I leave.

Anyway it's 2:30AM and I'm so exhausted I can't even think of a title. I decided to take the route of an artist.


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