Wednesday, February 6, 2008

With Style

Happy RAT YEAR ya'll.

I'm so glad I'm a rabbit.
Maybe that's why I had so many bunnies in my dream last night...

I'm overstuffed -- some good G'ma cooking. Yum. She made all my favourites ! like always...

Anyway, whooa this is a record!! 3 posts in 1 day!

I have so many fashion/clothes pictures saved so today's post is gonna be about Korean Fashion!
They dress well.
They layer well.

I really love this whole outfit! I'm v. jealous of her cardigan. I want one exactly like it.
I like the top half of this outfit. Not really the jean skirt. I think shorts would have been nicer.
Ooo the looks great! I need to get myself one of those dolman-sleeved cowl-neck sweaters.
Same idea! These outfits are perfect for my pear-shapedness.
Very nice!
I usually wouldn't even pick up a shirt like this in a store but this girl makes it look so much better than it should be. It fits her well! V. casual. I like her layering. So simple la~
Ohh v. good layering! Love this outfit mucho.
I only like the light, Spring trench for this and the red + purple combo.
Ah this looks v. Korean to me. Really love it. Perfect for ppl w/ boyish figures (no hips) + long legs.
Stripe dress-shirt. Very busy but so cute. She can be the railroad man's wife.
I love everything but the wash of the jeans. She should have gone way lighter or way darker.
I want to belt my cardigans but I still haven't found any decent belts.
I guess you can really tell that I like to concentrate on the top and keep bottoms as simple as possible.
Credits to the fob section on Soompi lol


Nat said...

skinny people tend to make any outfit work = ='' unfair!

Nat said...

btw.. i keep meaning to ask yoU!

1: did u ever get carged for you last yes style purchase? jus curious

2: u been taking your MVs?? i keep forgetting coz i keep them upstairs. i think i've got about 8?? left. i eat them so slowly lol..

that song is pretty catchy, the dream princess one. but.. the video is disturbing. waaaayy too perky. lol

N said...

Yea - skinny ppl w/ no curves at all!

1. Yessss I did get charged!
2. Nooooo I still have 30 left. I've ate like 10 since I gave some to you. Sigh.. bad I know. My goal is before April haha
You need more? How many did I give you??

lol perky -- energetic!! fun! bubbly