Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kids and Kolour

Ok so today is the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. To learn a bit about it, go to Bern's site.
This is my cousin Triton in his New Years clothes being "Wong Fei Hung". My Uncle Ken is really into martial arts and swords and such so he's v. proud ahah.
I think I had Chinese New Year outfits too when I was a baby. When I reached toddler-status, I think I only had many fur-lined coats with that embroidered/brocade silk material on the outside. We weren't very into dressing up... but my g'rents bought all my little cousins Chinese New Year outfits. They look so cute when you're young!

To keep w/ the "kids" theme, here's a girl who only likes, wants, and buys pink things...
And a boy who loves blue (omg.. to clean that up.....)
A bit overboard eh??
Ahhh my eyes...
Credits to FeetManSeoul

I think it's really interesting what colour parents paint their baby's bedroom. I think I would do a faint pink for my girl's room but I haven't decided for the boy. I remember my Uncle John didn't want his daughter to be one of those girls who was affiliated with pink or whatnot... like he didn't want them to dress in pink. He doesn't like very girly things I guess... but (hahaha) you should see his daughter's bedrooms now. Shannon's favourite colour is PINK and her room is pink and loves unicorns and Barbies and pink and purple Polly Pockets... lol
My Auntie Sandy and Auntie Eliza painted their daughter's rooms purple. My cousin painted his son's room yellow (I think it's b/c he didn't know if he was gonna get a boy or a girl). And I was too young to remember my cousins Chelsea + Nicole's baby rooms, but their rooms are pink + purple now unless they recently painted.

Would you paint your child's room colours that are associated with their gender (ie. Pink/purple for girls and blue/green for boys)?

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