Tuesday, February 5, 2008

When Your Green Runs Out

I just finished watching Maxed Out and on it were these 2 young (20's) friends who live together in a nice downtown condo and live the "downtown life". How? Their living space is pretty darn well accessorized, they eat from ritzy bakeries every morning, one drives a new mini cooper and the other takes the taxi everywhere ($15/time), they go for mani/pedi/haircuts every month ($250/time), one has a personal trainer, AND they eat out every single meal which costs them each $1,800/month (they only spend approx $30 on groceries/month!). OH. MY.

Yep. They are ridiculously in debt - one spends $1,500 over how much she earns and the other spends $2,300 every month. After four years, they've accumulated a little over $91,000USD combined!
Sooo for the next 2 weeks (as a detox test), they canNOT step foot in a restaurant and they only have $20 to spend/week on themselves lol so you see them doing their own nails and hemming a business skirt to update it.

It's not the greatest feeling to be in debt and I should know 'cause I am in debt right now. Fortunately, it's not much and it's not serious because I only owe my parents; it's not credit card debt or anything where I have to pay more if I don't pay up. Don't worry, this is definitely not a precursor to my future spending habits. I really don't spend that much at all. As long as I have a job, I should really be fine. It's just that I don't have a steady one (and my brother still won't pick up my paycheque which will pay off my debt...).

But anyway, I love these shows 'cause they're such eye openers of how people could let themselves go like that. It's almost like gaining a bunch of weight 'cause of junk food and having to work really hard for more than a year to bring your weight down again by changing your habits. You realize it's really not worth it in the long run. Butchea, it either makes you learn from their mistakes (esp. if you're in debt), or it makes you more conscious that your spending habits could, in fact, lead to something like this, or it makes you feel happy that you're not like that (and never will be) -- similar to shows like The Biggest Loser. Honestly, you watch that because you're glad you're not 200+ pounds or you need motivation to work hard like they do (yet you're sitting on a couch watching them work hard har.. great balance). Why else would you watch these sort of shows?

OK I confess - I've never felt burdened w/ this debt at all which isn't good, but ih. However, it does affect how much I can go out (and my attendance for the Tahoe trip).. but I should really be spending that time in other ways anyway.

P.P.S. Wha? No pictures in this blog?
This is the cover to Junsu's Japanese solo "If..."
Jaejoong looks a bit funny.
These guys are gonna make me be in debt in the future. Keeps with the theme of today's post eh? hee

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