Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dream Record

I haven't had such a vivid (looong + detailed) dream in so long! I actually wrote it down when I woke up. Just wanted to share it w/ you guys 'cause some of you were in it (actually I bet all of you were there but I didn't see all of you).
Now I'm going to try to decipher my chicken scratch...

A bunch of random people from my past (that I know came up b/c I mentioned them within the past three days to someone in real life), some friends, my Auntie Sandy's family (mom's side), a couple celebrities, and my whole family on my dad's side all went out + stayed at one of those high-end (but not snobby) restaurants connected to an equally impressive hotel. We were there for a 3 day Dine Out! Tons of people - tonnnnns of fun!! Apparently we weren't big eaters 'cause we only got 1 dish/day and it seemed like we survived well on that alone. Anyway, we had the whole hotel to ourselves and it was right next to a beach and a mini amusement park and there was 1 waiter who we got to know well (like a relationship w/ Cruise waiters). I slept in a HUGE hotel room with my cousin Emerald. For some reason, Gdragon (from Big Bang) came in in the middle the night and wanted some fun so Emerald suggested going to the beach so Em, G, and I went down to the beach and jumped off these floating mini metal towers! SO much fun. Then the next morning, everybody went to the amusement park (no rides though) but I've been there before so I just remember sitting on the benches w/ my family. Nad and her parents were going into these buildings and coming out with stuff - one time it was rabbits! They piled all the bunnies on my lap (so soft!) and wanted to take a picture (me + rabbits...) and 2 seconds before the picture was taken, my Grandma (dad's mom) sits on the bench and leans into the picture w/ a huge smile on her face haha! She wanted to be in the picture too. Bunnies kept on falling off my lap. My mom had to scoop them up with paper plates haha
Anyway, soon enough, it was dinner and it was absolutely delish! Everyone was so satisfied. After dinner, my Auntie Sandy called me to feed Triton this new milk formula 'cause she had to do something so Gdragon, Em, and I went and Triton fussed a bit for the first bit but he eventually tried drinking it and loved it.
After that, for some reason, we were back at my house except the stairs of my house were a bit stretched out b/c there were whole dining tables on each platform! Everyone was dining there for the last Dine Out meal! For some reason there wasn't enough room for my mom and I and since we were hosts, we sat down in the living room on the couch, using the coffee table as our table. We were also served last - well, I was served last. I ordered a pasta and was super hungry. When the waiter came (btw, he looked like a taller, Australian, shorter haired and blonder version of Kenny G lol), he set the pasta down and told me what was in it and how good it was and ate a bite just to show me he thought it was yummy too... and then he just kept on eating it to tease me ('cause I was the target for teasing throughout the trip)! HAHA I was so amused I ran to my dad's side of the family to ask them for a camera (even though I realized I had one in my hand the whole time) and took a pic of him eating MY FOOD. And I thought he was really teasing me and was going to go back and get me MY plate but he doesn't!! lollll Instead, he kept on going on and on about how delicious it was. Everybody leaves except for Auntie Sandy's family + this girl named Katie (from elementary school).. but she soon leaves and we say bye... but instead of going in the van, her whole family (parents and 3 other girls and 1 guy) comes out of the van w/ groceries galore and makes us a huge dinner feast for thanking us for inviting Katie! Amazing! The guy (weirdly enough) was my financial accting buddy (in real life) lol. He didn't want to help out though 'cause he had to do a lot of homework/studying... but he later got hungry so he came down and tried making Dim Sum (lol and he's Irish I think).. and I guess he doesn't know how to use the stove 'cause he put the Dim Sum on plates UNDERNEATH the back elements (in the stove) and turned the 2 back elements on.................. so weird!!
Anyway, I think I'm missing a lot of details... it's not as exciting telling someone a dream as it is living the dream. Sry for mistakes - this was written so quickly and I'm v. tired - too tired to read it over so I think I'm going to go take a nap now...

LOL I'm blogging faster than ppl can read! Yesterday's..... etc.

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