Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TVXQ Update

Tohoshinki's fame is rising even more. Wow.

Tohoshinki tickets "40,000 Tickets to TVXQ’s Saitama Super Arena concert on May 3, which is one of the last stops in the group’s Japanese tour, were sold-out in just one second after the ticket sale was opened last February 10 at 10 am."

How in the world am I supposed to get tickets?!

Of course I want them to come to the Hollywood Bowl, but they might start some heart attacks in the youngin's..... and that's not good.

TVXQ is officially documented in the Guinness World of Records by having the World's Largest Official Fanclub with 800,000 official members... and that's just their Cassiopeia (Korean) fan club! That number doesn't even include me or Bern! They have a whole other fanclub for Japan called Big East and I'm sure there's others around the world. I think it's going to be documented in their 2009 edition.
You should have seen the amount and cost of the presents Yunho got for his 22nd birthday from his fans... and he rejected the presents and suggested giving them to the less fortunate. "Wouldn't it be better if the things the fans gathered with their loving hearts were given to others who needed a bigger helping hand. I think that if the presents could be distributed to those fostering their dreams under harder circumstances, (the fans') feelings will be used more nobly" He apparently rejects expensive presents every year. I wonder how many other celebrities do this? How sweet. Now that's a true leader =D
They all have new haircuts!
I think Jaejoong's hair looks pretty good - it's a nice, shorter, change. Junsu's hair is just spiked up more than usual and maybe a lighter chunk of colour in the back, Yunho's hair looks messy and permed maybe, Changmin's hair looks pretty normal, and Yoochun's looks like a mad scientist.

Junsu graduated from Oyagi gags (basically play on words... Japanese + English + some Korean) and doesn't do them anymore. He can't think of anymore content.

General McArthur.

Here's some somewhat recent Song Hye Gyo pictures (Full House girl).
Her beauty is envied by many.

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