Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Day

  • Got to school (top of SFU) in 37 min (including walking down to the station!!)
  • Was 15 min early for class
  • Took neat notes for once in Geo lecture and understood everything 'cause I actually read the chapter thoroughly and took notes (shocking!)
  • Geo lecture was quite amusing today
  • Had a crispy chicken wrap from Chartwells' Raven's Cafe (haven't had one in so long) - Lunch w/ Becky
  • English lecture was pretty boring - ended up finishing the article I had to read for Geo in it
  • Got English essay 1st draft back. A bit disappointed - I thought I did quite well (was hoping for A-) on it but I got a B.
  • Geo tutorial was alright - the presentation was well done and understandable (relieves pressure 'cause last week's was pretty intense)
  • Got split into groups (which I like) to chat about whatever we wanted har
  • Ended 1/2 early (it's a 2 hour tutorial) and got Op-Ed Idea (2 paragraphs) back worth 5%. I got 4/5 which I'm happy about. Just have to make my topic more specific now.
  • Bussed home and got in the door around 5:55PM
  • Took a shower and 3/4 through my shower, my mom knocks frantically on the door saying we have to go NOW 'cause my dad went to pick up my g'rents and they're waiting in the car 'cause it was 6:10 and our dinner reservation was at 6:30.
  • I did a speedy nat and got ready in 7 minutes including half-blow-drying my hair! Ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, this is very possible for me (if I know what to wear already). This was almost like getting ready to go clubbing in Taiwan minus the shower.
  • Did makeup in car harr.. but b/c I couldn't do anything w/ my hair, it was a bit frizzy
  • Got there RIGHT at 6:30! pssh and my parents were mad at me for being late
  • Hart House for dinner (near the Shadbolt Centre) - my Uncle Henry (really my great uncle) treated (even though he's in HK) b/c my dad did some legal work for him and someone else bought some property off him or something... so it was my family, my g'rents, and the 2 ppl who bought the property
  • V. romantic. It's fully booked for Valentine's Day!
  • No pics of food unfortch, the lighting was too dim.
  • The lady in the pic (below) in purple has such nice, smooth skin for her age. I should ask what her secret is. Anyway, she thought I was 16! lol I told her it was the cheeks.
  • Bread: some super good rye bread
  • Appetizer: Foie Gras (melt-in-your-mouth-fat) + Raw Oysters
  • Dinner: Rack of Lamb ('cause my g'pa raved over it but since then, they've switched chefs twice so now he says his is better lol.) w/ bites of my dad's fish + mom's scallop and risotto
  • Dessert: I shared a Dessert Trio w/ my mom (and had leftovers for dai dai): Creme Brulee, Chocolate Cake (v. dense made w/ Guinness), and New York Cheesecake w/ raspberry sauce. All very good. I have a new love for Creme Brulee again. All good presentation.
  • Service was excellent - the server was very amiable and talkative and personal.
  • My g'pa is so loud and blunt it's so funny. He had coffee after dinner and made it clear to our server that he wanted it fresh. "Don't give it to me if it's not fresh. If it's stale... it's like drinking dishwater!" lol.. there were tons of those that night... and you guys don't know how loud he can be loll Don't know why he looks so angry in the picture w/ his arms crossed.
  • Aw you can't really see how romantic or nice it is in there from this picture.

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