Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ruehl No. 925

So there's this branch off of Abercrombie called RUEHL No.925 that I've never heard of.

It just looks like A&F - some styles are exactly the same with a different brand name sewn on... and the prices are pretty much the same... and they seem to target the same age group... but it's actually for post-college students 22-35.
Apparently they originally only sold leather goods.. and expanded. I'm not a fan of their leather products unfortch - had high hopes when I was browsing around.
I don't really know how I feel exactly about this... I think the fact that word will spread and almost everyone will know that it's a branch off A&F automatically gives Ruehl a handicap, but I think they've got some work to do to build up their reputation if the company wants to be as well known as A&F.
I don't know why they chose that name... it sounds like a dog's name. Maybe that's why they have a dog on one of their fleece zip ups. Oh.. I just found out that their logo is a bull dog...... what a turn off. Meeses are so much classier than bull doggies. The dog's name is apparently "Trubbles". I wonder if A&F's moose has a name. Bullwinkle?
Let's take a look at some things that I'd really consider purchasing:
This one is pretty. You can't see it 'cause it's white, but it has cut outs at the bottom! I love that.
This one is different. It looks like 2 pictures below from Chunzane# on YesStyle that I liked xept this is vertical than horizontal!
A&F has one almost exactly the same xept this one is a bit darker.
I'm surprised A&F doesn't have a short trench this year. This one is nice but it'd be even NICER if the tortoise shell buttons were bigger. I like how narrow the shoulders are and slim the arms are - no extra fabric.
A&F and Hollister both have striped bikinis but this one has a cute string (Hollister's is bright blue) and A&F's stripes are too thick. This one is perfect! Really love it. I figure it'd make my pear shaped body more proportional by widening the chest area ahha. Now I just need a navy blue bottom and I'm all set.
I'm curious what's in this book! I like the cover.
There are tons of other items.
All in all, I think Ruehl is alright - gotta remember that it's not really the brand, it's the look you're going for. If they have the quality and style you like, go for it! I think I do prefer Abercrombie a bit more though.
Why don't you check them out yourself here?


Anonymous said...

i am so glad you mentioned Ruehl, I love them so much, their clothes are more expensive than A&F, but their sales are AMAZING not the ones online, if you go to an actual store, they will sell their jeans (normally priced $80-$100) for only about $20. Normally this sale is near February, but idk if its any other time of the year. The only part I don't like about them is that they only have about 23 stores nationwide.

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