Friday, February 8, 2008

ONE Thing To Do Before I Die

I feel like starting a "100+ Things To Do Before I Die" list - a list with intentions to enrich my life, to give me 100+ things to look forward to (which is totally what I live for), and to inspire others! Anyway,this won't be a daily thing - I'll post whenever I think of something I really want to do. Of course, it's not going to be boring, general things like "Visit Europe" or "Marry". These are in no order at all. I'll keep adding to a list on the side of this blog.

1. Stay at the Bellagio during a trip to Las Vegas.
More specifically, stay in the Salone Suite (Approximately 853 sq. ft.)
In May, it's $450USD/night.
Bellagio Suite (Approximately 1,020 – 1,530 sq. ft.)
On New Year's Eve, this suite goes for $1,460USD.
or Penthouse Suite (my 1st choice at approximately 1,536 – 2,562 sq. ft.)
Has elevator access w/ a special key. How cool is that?!

The Bellagio is Mr. Wynn's creation. They hold Cirque du Soleil shows there!
On a sort of unrelated topic, I was looking at other people's lists and one of them I thought was neat was: To take a shower in a waterfall. I can actually say I pretty much did that! Thanks to Strath. I was like those Gillette commercials, but it was very cold... andthenJamieandIhadtohikebacktothebeachandIgotalldirtyagain

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