Thursday, February 14, 2008

Make Me A Shiseido Model

Happy Valentine's Day!
ハッピー バレンタイン (happee barentain)

Today I was reminded of how beautiful Shiseido models are - especially for their Maquillage line. If I remember correctly, I saw the ad above in Hong Kong and was pretty taken away by her beauty (looks a bit weird in the picture 'cause of the angle). Below, another ad. I tried to take a decent picture with my cell... but the colours are distorted.
Of course, Shiseido didn't always choose such pretty models... lol
Just recently.
They have some weirdish commercials too sometimes...

Not really liking the model or the blue eyeliner, but I like the lip colour the model is wearing - looks really good on her.

Went for our Thursday sushi dinner tradition (might be the last night for a while 'cause I'm getting quite tired of sushi...) + then hung out @ Bern's house + then went to Richmond to eat HK style dessert! All on a school night! Whoooa lol

I got my YesAsia package today! My Tohoshinki T album, Tim's 4th Album, and Big Bang's Mini Albums!

Oh and PLUS Sarah got me one of the Bonjour Paris official photobooks from HK! I love it.

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