Friday, February 15, 2008


A lot of designers came out with their own heart-shaped purses for V-day.
Gucci Heart Coin Purse [$195]
These are alright - pretty cute I guess. It also comes in their classic colours: tan + white.
Louis Vuitton Vernis Heart Purse from Saint Valentine Bag Collection [approx $385]
The price is so much more ridiculous than other LV products! My goodness. Even $50 is pushing it for these puny things... but they're cute aren't they! I love every colour in their high-gloss, modern shine.
Luella Heart Coin Purse [$154-200]
Lulu Guinness Heart-Shaped Handbags [$150+]
I wouldn't normally put these up 'cause I don't think they're that nice, but partial proceeds go to the RED charity.
Pics for bag-bliss.

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