Sunday, January 6, 2008

When It Rains, I Shop Online

A couple of you have already seen this. This is a Piano Battle from the Taiwanese movie, Secret, with Jay Chou (the guy in the black). I've heard that Jay Chou was really musically talented... but I didn't know he was THIS much! Super crazy neat!
FOREVER 21 - Twelve by Twelve line
Mod Sweater Dress [$59]
I absolutely LOVE this sweater dress! The neck is so flattering and so are the hems and the overall shape. Gotta love hidden pockets!
Really love love love.

Grand Luxe Sweater [$29]
I love this sweater! The zippered pockets make it mod. The only thing I'd change, of course, is the colour. It doesn't come in any other colour unfortch. I think a nice deep red would be nice!
Embellished Satin Dress [$39]
Satin and pleated - very pretty + very in for Spring, 2008!
Btw, I found the fashion down at Alderwood Mall to be very interesting. There were a lot of people wearing North Face/Helly Hansen fleeces, windbreakers, + ski jackets... with flip flops or Uggs! I don't think I've ever seen that even up here! Strange...

Foley + Corinna: Twisted Bottom Dress in Natural White [$473]
The fit at the bottom of this dress makes this dress! Another classic boat-like neckline.
Tom Ford: Margeaux Sunglasses in Shiny Rose Gold and White Pear [$340]
Juicy Couture Baby Doll Shift Dress [$278]
Shift dresses are perfect for Spring and Summer! Just throw it on w/ heels + multiple strands of bracelets and tadaaa all set!
Penguin Two Attendants Coat [Online Only, $198]
Very very cute Spring trench coat!!!! I love the sleeves and the whole shape! I can very much imagine myself in this coat.
I love back detailing like this Free People Antique Floral Cutaway Tank [$78]
Too bad the front is just that orange pattern... why can't they make it plain? I'd buy it.
Kimchi & Blue Goin' To Acapulco Dress [$78.00]
Pretty throw-on summer dress to walk along the streets in Europe or California. Very see-through though.. gotta wear a slip underneath. Yess Urban Outfitters has thick gold bangles! Graduated Hammered Bangles Set of 3 [$18.00]
I'm gonna pick me up some. Too bad they're not all different.
I've mentioned this 23 year old lady's (sidenote: what do you call her? she's not really a lady yet even though she dresses like one... and she's sort of around my age but a bit older... so weird... ok whatever - 23 year old's) Style Diary before. She still hasn't updated in a couple weeks so here are some of her outfits from the past. I really love her style - how she mixes pieces from Forever 21 and H&M with medium-to-high designer brands like Christian Louboutin and Diane von Furstenberg. She has such a great shape to her too - slim and tall.
How classic is this? Wrap dress she'll be able to keep in her closet until forever.
I'm so jealous of her coat! She got it from Forever21! It looks similar to my Buffalo trench, but it has bell sleeves! She says that when it's colder (she lives in Cali), she just wears long leather gloves so it doesn't get too cold. Lucky... great outfit!
She also got this pretty white dress from Forever 21. She's wearing it in the Fall (I think it's pretty courageous of her, but she lives in Cali so it's warm)
J'adore (minus the shoes)
She apparently lined up for 6 hours in front of H&M to buy things from the Viktor & Rolf designer line. All these pieces except her shoes are from the line. Beautiful outfit.
Very classic neckline and this dress works very well with her body shape. She looks great!.. until you see her slouchy stockings I'm not too fond of. She loves them though.I'm not a big fan of this outfit, but I like the concept. I like how she combined something so casual as a skirt from American Apparel with a blouse from Banana Republic and made it look dressy! It almost looks like a full dress!
If she didn't wear the vest, it'd be a lot nicer. This is another American Apparel skirt!
This is SUCH a cool costume! She was BAT GIRL for Hallowe'en!! Hot! Very inspirational costume for the future.... if I can pull that off! haha jay kay... maybe heheee
I should take pictures of my better outfits too - just so I have a record of what I wore when I was 20... and see if my style has improved over the years.

I sped walked on the treadmill today! 5.0 incline//4.3 speed//20 min//1.25miles//200calories.
It's a start! I actually sweat and I hardly ever sweat when I run.
No matter which sleeveless dress people wear, I'm most jealous when they have toned arms! There are tons of dresses that can hide the unflattering mid-section/hips/thighs and make your chest look like you actually have something there... but you just look blah in your dress if your arms are like hams. At least it's not Spring yet so I have some time to work on mine!!

I know I should cut my hair, but I'm actually liking the length of it! Maybe my bangs need a little cutting.

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