Monday, December 3, 2007


Guess who blogs when she doesn't want to work/study?

I just found out that there was a Kpop concert HERE IN VANCOUVER on NOVEMBER 25th at the QE!! How did I not know about it? Good thing: I only know Ivy out of the 4 performers (Tei, Hong Kyung Min, and DJ Doc). Bad thing: I love Ivy!! I to the V to the Y! hahaha

Korean celebrity plastic surgery:
I thought you're supposed to look better after you get your surgery?
This is Kim Gyuri. I've never heard of her before, but she looked so pretty before and now she looks like some trying-hard-to-be-young grandma with botox and lip injections.

and Hwanhee from Fly To The Sky - I didn't think he needed surgery at all
Before (the guy in the middle):
After he got double-eyelid surgery and a new nose:
He has the "bad boy" image now I think.

I saw the Gingerbread Man application on Facebook and now I want to make funny gingerbread cookies and decorate them! I haven't made a gingerbread house since elementary school!

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Nat said...

he looks so caucasian after the surgery. interesting.

we should do some baking!