Sunday, December 2, 2007


Hm. Browsing around Ebay during my break in search for the Korean Fur Winter Long-Coat. They have one version, but it looks like a little too much fur. This Military Style Vintage Korean coat is only $32.99. The black version is $16.99!! So cheap? There's $28CDN shipping.
Horrible description -- and they don't even tell me the measurements for the shoulders! Very iffy.

There are quite a few neat gift ideas floating around the web these days.

Want to personalize your own M&M candy? You can create your own message, colours, and packaging! It's a cute idea as wedding favours or baby banquet favours.

Tired of typical gift wrap? This roll has food wrapped in plastic wrap all over it hahaha
Etsy is great. It's a place where people can sell and buy handmade goods at decent prices. Oh wow I just realized what I wrote is similar to their slogan!
I don't have much time to browse around, but you can find some nice hand-made things.
This Letter Tag [$28] by Lotus Jewelry Studio is a cute customized trinket - great for ppl who like their initial around their neck. Also available in gold, but costs $50 b/c they use real gold for parts. I like the quartz crystal and the pearl detail.
This next item is a duct tape wallet. I saw one while working at the dollar store. The guy said he made it himself. This wallet is also customizable.
Today's cell phone snaps:
Snowy (blue) view from my uchi (house/home):This family bundled up and went outside to take photos. Cute family!
A new type of local transportation? Maybe! This lady was strapped in her skis! I was so shocked - I would never have thought to ski around the neighbourhood! She could start a fad! I wonder why she doesn't ski on the sidewalk though...
My mom put up the Christmas decorations today:
We usually put our tree in the living room in the corner, but we decided to put it next to the stairs instead. We had it like this a few years ago too.
Unfortunately, her decorations include her snowman collection............... these are only some of them.........
She toned down the decorations a bit this year upon my request. You can't really see, but she has her ice cube snowman collection on the mantle. Those are our stockings. My mom made the 2 on the left. The 3rd one (the cute pudgy bear) is mine, and the last one is my brother's.
Even though the decorations are up, something is missing... oh yea - it's called TIME.
10 days left (starting tomorrow)
I can think of a million things I'd do instead of studying and writing my project... I'd shovel everyone's front steps on my block for free, I'd walk 20 dogs (and try my bestest not to strangle), and I'd even do 5 consecutive days of dishes! Boooo to winter finals. I like Spring finals more... but then everyone is complaining that they'd rather be outside, enjoying the weather. No one ever wins during final time.
Back to my project,

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