Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mai ban osoku nemasu...

Stella McCartney

I've always thought Stella had something other designers didn't. Her style is generally very clean, simple, and modern, but sometimes she likes to exaggerate details and will make dresses with giant sleeves . She makes sportswear, street wear, glammywear (my own term), shoes, bags, and accessories. Chic with a twist. She's popular right now for designing for Adidas! I just received my LouLou Magazine today and I tabbed one of her coats. Unfortunately, I'm having a really hard time trying to find a picture of this coat online! I took a pic of the mag instead.
I like this coat [$300CDN] because it looks warm and cozy. So many of us suffer fashion-wise in order to stay warm in the winter... so sad. I'm trying to find ways not to. I can't pull this coat off (too puffy for me) but it's nice to look at and I'm sure it'll look great on others. You can wear it 8 ways b/c you can wear it backwards (zipper in back or front) and the sleeves are detachable to make a vest! The 8 ways include wearing the coat with only 1 sleeve... lollll I also like how the quiltnedness is subtle...
Another reason why I like this coat is because it's cream/white. I adore white! All year round... white white white.. light, white flowy dresses for the summer, sheer white blouses for the spring, crisp whites for the fall, and snowflake/creamy whites for the winter.
Yes. White. I like white. If you're ever stuck on which colour to get me, white is almost always a safe choice!
Speaking of safe, I hope everyone had a safe Hallowe'en! I didn't do anything this year... except for eat candy.

I saw a picture of Junsu's twin, Junho, today with some SM employee:
I can see some similarities between him and Junsu, but they also look quite distinctive, too. Good genes run in the family. Maybe that's what happens when your mom is a former Miss Korea.

Short post - I wasn't even going to post today because I was so tired... but I drank some green tea and was wide awake!
"Sleep well",
PS. My title is Japanese for "Every night I sleep late..."

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