Monday, October 29, 2007

Pure Divinity

I just came back from a Spa party with Nad hosted by Venus Gillette at La Vida Spa across from the Sheraton Wall Centre! It was cool - the room was a lot more intimate than I was expecting but all the employees were very pleasant. There was a food table (see right) full of veggies, dips, fruit, fondue, cheeses, breads/crackers, +smoothies....
but the best were these brownie/cheesecake/cake cubes dipped in chocolate.. felt guilty eating them especially b/c I just ran earlier today. There were waiter-like guys who came around with chicken skewers and these filled potato thingies and shrimp wrapped in noodles.
It was pretty happening with a DJ spinning some house music. At each corner, people were getting henna on their hands, makeup applied, a massage, and hand/arm massages. Nad and I got our hands massaged with oils - felt nice while she was doing it but I didn't feel any different than I felt before afterwards.

Nad and I also
went back to the mini photo studio to get our picture taken a few times! That was fun!
At the end, we got a goody bag full of body wash, an umbrella, an exfoliator glove, and a razor. They gave us over 30 samples of their new Pure Divine Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash so guess what you girls will be getting next time I see you!!

Thanks, Nad for today!

It'd be the best if everyone in the room were my friends! We'd be served with unlimited spa treatments, great food and drinks, and fantastic music... all at no cost!
As for fashion, here are a things I saw while browsing around YesStyle (are you sick me hearing about this shop yet?) that I found interesting.

Have you ever seen someone keep a light scarf from coming off with a belt? I thought it's a neat idea but can be tricky to pull off.

This dress [$68] looks cute on the model but it's made out of some cheap material and the stripes don't go all the way around. I don't like it when garments do that - it looks so unfinished and cheap if a stripe just ends at the seams on the sides! Anyway, if this was made well, it could look quite chic on a lot of people... especially since the stripes are subtle.

I thought that this Cocoaavenue “Fitted Suspender Skirt" [$55] looked cute. I do not, however, like all the folds it creates below the waist - makes it look a little tight. I do realize that this sort of looks like what a lady from the 70's would wear to work, but if you're young, you can really wear almost anything and it'd be OK.

I love love love this Fully Beaded Vintage Envelope Clutch [$100USD] by Jeanne Lottie. It's so neutral and glammy so it goes with a lot of evening wear.

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Nat said...

wooo weee awesome pics! u gota send me urs too.. i have to send u mine.....................mine are crap tho T_T i put them on facebook. i'll send u the actuals later.. SO tired rite now ZZZZZZZZZZ