Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Sing-Song Mood

Watched Sherlock Holmes w/ B, D, Jason, Wennie, and Howard in Richmond last night. Pretty good, actually! I surprisingly thought Jude Law was quite charming, me not being a usual fan of his. There were a few moments where B and I were the only ones in the theatre laughing.. don't know if it's 'cause we were the only ones who understood the quirky part or got it, or if we were just nuts lol Saw Emily like 5 rows down! Wow... another coincidence 'cause I just saw her at the New Years party and I had no idea she would be there, either!
I was actually pretty excited to watch Avatar 3D, but it was sold out as usual.. hopefully one day soon! I hope I'll like it.
Then we all went to Jason's house to eat cheesecake. It was nice :) Don't often get to hang out together.

Had work @ the restaurant (only shift this month) earlier today. B, our friend Shogo from Japan, and my old coworker Helen (coincidentally know each other) and a bunch of their friends ate there but I didn't get to serve them. Had another excellent work night wooooooo :) I even got off a bit 'early'.
It's great to see how the hosts improve so much. At first, they're all "try hard, but don't really succeed" and some try to test out how much they can get away with and don't finish their job which is annoying for the people who have to deal with it the next day... then after about a month, they finally realize that it won't get them to being a server so they go over and above what's expected and they're really helpful, fast, and super fair about allocating tables.. and finally so reliable. BAM wow. Like today, I only had to clean 1.5 tables out of my 12 'cause they were just so on top of it.

Then after, I walked down to meet up w/ B + the group for a bit as they went to Cheesecake Etc. after (really don't know how they could still eat, but it sounded pretty yaaaammy). They had an old man playing on a keyboard. Dark, sleepy, candle-lit atmosphere that's pretty romantic now that I think of it but not in a chic way lol but I actually kinda like it. Maybe I'll go back one day and try their cheesecake.

Anyway, in a reflective sort of note, I guess I've been feeling really great recently 'cause of so many things. I feel like I'm finally getting to know myself more, much more comfortable and satisfied with myself and in my own skin - a more defined picture. Things have fallen into place - I'm graduating, I finally understand what I've been studying for the past 5 years (Geography) 'cause I was soooo confused before *** (big one!), I'm confident at what I excel at, I'm so much more independent in most ways (sometimes, comparatively, the thought of going to Seoul by myself - knowing absolutely nobody, not speaking the language, not knowing some of the customs - seemed intimidating, but right when I got there, I realized it was so very much doable.. and now, it's like "give me more!"), suddenly my love for fashion is being put into some use (and in a fun way, too), my style is evolving to something way more "me" than before (more coherent though still needs a ton of work.. I'm going from "liking" items I buy to "loving" them, and my "basics" wardrobe is almost complete!), after all these years, my truest friends are so clear (none of the "i'm your friend because I see you almost everyday" sort of thing) and they're fantastic (esp. 'cause they put up with me lol), my family is all happy and healthy, from packing, I'm able to get rid of things that have been weighing me down.. things that I know I should get rid of but haven't.. and just so many other things I can't think of right now that I'll probably think of later and want to add to this - I feel like I have a clear mind, now. Overall, I feel much more mature than even a year ago. I'm growing up, ma! lol I guess some other things that would complete the picture, so to speak, is learning how to drive, boyfriend, and a career.. and more traveling.. but those can all wait (except the traveling).
I'm happy with everything now.


Melanie said...

The driving can't wait either! :P (seriously...haha)

Nat said...

it is good to be happy :)