Wednesday, January 6, 2010


For some reason, my mind has been feeling so light. It's a great feeling and it's the first time I've felt this way since coming back from Korea. I just feel like everything is good the way it is right now even though it's pretty much the same it has been. I have the whole world in my hands. I feel invincible and so content. There's nothing pulling me down or nothing that's making my brain stale. No worries. I'm graduating mannn!!!! I think this realization is making me feel this way. I just want a ton of time to do what I enjoy.

Packinggggg... getting rid of the little things I've kept, thinking that I'd eventually use it, but realizing I won't. My makeup collection is growing so nicely :) About a week ago, I got my package of Japanese cosmetics from I ordered Jill Stuart loose powder blush in orange.. and man is it orange but I looove it haha It was the blush I was too chicken to buy in Japan so I got a brown instead.. so now my brown has a sister :) Also got my first lipstick from Shiseido's Maquillage line in some beige colour. The colour is nothing special but I'm happy it's not drying and lasts long and is smooth when applied. I like to layer it with one of my glosses and since the lipstick is a bit nude-ish, it helps the colour be more vibrant. I also ordered this gorgeous Jill Stuart lipstick but it was out of stock. Came with a few samples from Shiseido and Esprique.

I have about 5 or 6 items arriving from Korea from the brand Clio. B and I made a Gmarket order. Clio is actually pretty difficult to find in Seoul - I've only seen one little stand in a random run-down area near Olympic Park and I only bought a few pairs of false eyelashes (that happened to be my favourite ones ever and I'm saving my last pair..) 'cause we didn't have time to test out their makeup but I swiped my fingers over a few of them (haha yea I know, so hygenic) and was really pleased at their quality. Wanted to go back the next day but I didn't end up having time. Anyway, I ordered an orange lipstick that looks really beautiful in the provided swatch (yeaaa I'm really into orange, coral, and pretty nudes for makeup these days) and 2 pink blushes + 1 orange-peach blush.. and a glossypeach lipstick, too. Surprisingly made from Germany and you can't get these products anywhere outside of Korea.. don't know why.......

OH and I found my OLD NARS lipgloss hidden in my old Kathy Van Zeeland bag!!!! HUSPAZ! Now I have 2 in the same colour haha but that's ok 'cause the colour is very natural and everyday.

Can't sleep... thanks to a Spanish Latte I got at Caffe Artigiano at like.. 7PM gahhhhh. Gotta wake up at 6:15 tmr and it's almost midnight... no beauty sleep tonight oh no.

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