Sunday, January 3, 2010



So recently, I've been bragging that I only need to take 2 Geography courses and 1 "fun" course in order to graduate because that is what my student advisor told me when I visited her at the beginning of last semester.. but I decided to double check just in case and MY GOODNESS!! THANK GOODNESS I DID!!

Not only did I find that I was 6 credits short from the overall credit requirement for my major, I also found that I was 5 credits short from upper division courses (the 300 + 400-level ones). SO I realized that I needed to take, in total, four 300- or 400- level courses because they are 4 credits each and wouldhelp me fulfill my upper division courses, my overall credit requirements at the same time, plus a 3 credit course (which is my distance ed. Communications course). SO I went scrambling. In a way, this is the worst schedule I've had 'cause I have two 8:30AM classes (DREAD DREAD DREAD) and I'm going 4 days a week. I have Mondays off. I decided no matter what, I'll take that day off so THERE. I've e-mailed the distance ed. professor (Communications), requesting for him to let me take his class 'cause I'm 4th on the wait list and the class is full. It's my last semester so PLEASE! GUH I only need 1 credit from that distance ed. course!! Isn't that crazy.... BOOO

SO all in all, I'm going to DIE because of:
1. 5 courses (I really really wanted my last to be a slack semester.....)
2. The two 8:30AM lectures
3. The heavy workload from the 4 Geography courses (they are super reading + writing intensive!)
4. The 3 exams I will have in a row (May 24, 2, and 26th)!
5. 2 part-time jobs I might not have time for...
6. Moving @ the end of the month - a never-ending process!!! BUT perhaps it will take less time to travel to SFU which means sleeping in aaaaaaaaaah :)

But still................................. :'(
Big baby is sad. Super sad. Big tears are dropping like bombs... KABOOM
Cannot wait for the 2-week break....... CANNOT WAIT to GRADUATE!!!!!!

Update soon! The last few days have been fun. I've had no time.. and won't have time until Monday 'cause I've got a full day out tomorrow!

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